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What's in my Snackly - July 2015

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It's open box time again! This month I was looking forward to my Snackly more than normal as I have found that the goodies inside keep getting better and better. When my box arrived it was bulging a little so I knew that whatever it was packed with would be exciting.

In the box we received another card with some beautiful artwork on and a little description of what sort of products we can expect to see in our box. Don't forget the best photo shared on social media wins a free box!

So what's in the box?

The first item in this box is not a product but is a 20% discount code for your first Delicious Alchemy order, exclusive to Snackly customers. This is a brand I love already so is greatly received!

Kent Crisps - Ashmore Cheese & Onion - RRP 85p for 40g bag
Also suitable for vegetarians, I have waited for these to feature in Snackly again after a box I missed. Being from Kent myself and a crisp lover, what more could I want! Cheese and onion is currently my favourite flavour too, so I will enjoy these with my lunch tomorrow. Free from gluten, MSG and hydrogenated fats, these crisps will suit most diets. However there is milk in this product.

Melting Pot - Handmade Traditional Butter Fudgeling - RRP £1.90 Full Size
Holding a great taste award gold 2011, this fudge smells gorgeous! A chocolate Melting Pot fudge was featured before in a box, and was a treat I really enjoyed, so I am hoping this will be just as good too! Using ingredients which are readily available to the everyday person is something I like about this brand as I can understand all the ingredients on this pack.

Walkers - Gluten Free Pure Butter Shortbread - RRP 40p per twin pack
Walkers is a brand that has come out many Christmas' in my family . Their new range of gluten free versions of the classics will mean I no longer miss out! There is also a chocolate chip version which looks fantastic! Certified gluten free this shortbread uses rice, potato and maize flours, xanthin gum, butter, sugar and salt. All easy to read ingredients. This handy twin pack is perfect for work!

Chika's Smoked Almonds -RRP £1.20
Another Chika's product this month, this time it is their smoked almonds. Funnily enough I have been eating almonds like they are going out of fashion recently. This pack contains 287 calories and 10g protein. These are also suitable for vegans. Being high in fibre, vitamin E and Magnesium makes these a great healthier, nutritious snack.

Gnaw - Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate - RRP £2.99 for full size bar
More salty chocolate this month, I am being very controlled not opening this product right now! This months chocolate treat is from Gnaw. This bar unlike last months has a caramel flavour as well as salt. Salted caramel is very in fashion recently and I do not want to let anyone else spy this... or it won't be mine for long! Using natural ingredients this treat is completely my thing!

Peace of Cake London - Abricotini - RRP ?
Unable to find these as a product on their website I am not too sure what these are! There is a variation which has jam in the middle of two sandwiched, which sounds amazing! These are much softer in texture than I expected and I think will suit coffee perfectly too! This product is gluten, wheat. lactose and dairy free, but does contain egg.

I can't wait to start eating and reviewing these products! I would love to know what you thought of this months snackly, I really think they have outdone themselves again!

Hannah x

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