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B Free - Brown seeded loaf - Breakfasts of the week*

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It has occurred to me recently that although I have recommended many products in the last couple of years, you never actually see how much I like them. So as well as a review today I thought I would show you how I have been eating the B Free Multiseed bread. It really shows how much I enjoy a product if I continue to eat it right?

At 60 calories per slice I feel that this product is more portion controlled than filled with low calorie 'stuff'. I say this because these slices are quite thin but are still full of flavour. Being wheat, gluten, egg, dairy, soy and nut free, like all B Free products that I have tried so far, this product is perfect for most people. I think these would be fantastic to use at parties, as I know within my extended family we have all those allergies present! Clearly we are a sickly lot!

I tend to feel that taste and texture can be hugely compromised with so many allergens removed, but with this loaf, this is not the case. I actually think it may have topped my list of favourite breads! There is a surprising soft texture for a seeded bread in this loaf. I love seeded breads in general so its nice to find a really good one, that's not too seeded as it gives a good change. Crumbling is not an issue with this loaf and when toasted it gets ever so crispy.

Flavours in the bread are quite subtle and I find that the seeds distributed lightly makes them stand out better and I appreciate the flavour of them a lot more compared to something that is packed with seeds.

So to show you what I have eaten so far I took some quick iPhone snaps as I made it! The weather has been a bit grotty recently so the pictures are a bit dark without my camera flash!

Toast raspberry jam & yoghurt
This is a pretty typical breakfast for me, normally it is plain yoghurt in my bowl, but when I saw Yeo Valley Peaches and cream, I just had to give it a go!

Toast, pate and cucumber
My FAVOURITE lunch. I had this on Sunday whilst taking a break from card making. The crispiness of this bread made this dish much more tastier than normal!

Toast & cheddar laughing cow
If you have not tried these yet, at only 25 calories these are the richest soft cheese I have found that are pre-portioned. This was a whole triangle on one slice.

Toast & Nutella
I was not too sure if the seeds would go with Nutella, but I was really craving it so I popped it on anyway! I have to say as it is lightly seeded I found it tasted just fine!

I also made a cheese and turkey toastie with kettle chips and cucumber but I didn't get to photo it!

Overall I loved this bread and I am hoping that they will become more readily available to me as I think I would buy it most weeks. With not too many slices you manage to eat it all before it goes bad but the slices are wide enough to make a good size toastie.

If you have any other ideas for me on what to have this bread with, I would love to know!

Hannah x

*I was gifted this product to try, all opinions are my own

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