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Kent Crisps - Ashmore Cheese and Onion

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My Snackly box arrived last week and as normal I picked out my favourite looking products to have first, this was very tricky this month though, as they all looked so good!

Being a crisp lover these Kent Crisps really stood out to me. These traditionally hand cooked British crisps using Canterbury cheesemakers cheese hold a produced in Kent logo, which I see everywhere as a craft stall trader myself. Being gluten, MSG and hydrogenated fat free allows these crisps to cater to a wider, more health conscious audience.

This 15g snack bag I love as crisps are relatively high calorie compared to other snacks, but I cannot help but have them a few times a week! I am also the sort of person who cannot leave some in the bag, even if it is a sharing size! These are perfect for portion control being around 80 calories a bag.

Much more luxury in texture, this crisp is the perfect mid ground between super thick kettle chips and thin walkers. This higher quality potato but with a thinner cut is something I enjoy as they tend to hold much less oil and greasiness. The flavouring on these crisps is much more of a dusting and is a layer on the top of the crisp, so has a much more powdery texture. This may combat the oiliness too! For comparison the flavouring has the same powdered texture as McCoy's.

A rich cheesy favour is the main element, there is a deep blue taste with an onion hit. I love very cheesy crisps, so a twist on the typical cheese flavour you find is quite refreshing. I think they would benefit from a little more onion flavouring though. You do get a good hit of onion as an aftertaste but the cheese is very prominent and I feel that the flavours could be slightly more balanced. Although onions and cheese are two of my favourite savoury foods, and I am aware I tend to eat more onion than most! So they may be perfectly balanced for your taste.

Overall I really enjoy these crisps. I love how they are local to me and that they are using local ingredients. I am very much a fan of supporting small, local and unique businesses. So I will certainly look out for more flavours!

Hannah x

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