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M&S Gluten Free Millionaire's Caramel Crispy Mini Bites

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I have had nothing but praise for M&S since my local M&S Foodhall opened, today is no different! I saw this tub of crispy bites and I knew I had to try them as I used to love all the bakery tubs of bite size treats in the supermarkets.

These retail at around £3 and contain a good number of bites. At 70 calories a bite these are not a light on calories treat, particularly when they are addictive and I end up eating three at once!

The bite is made up of three layers, a chocolately rice crispy layer, a thick caramel and a sheet of chocolate on top. The rice crispies are very much the same as you would expect any rice crispy to taste. The chocolate in this mixture works well and I enjoy that they decided to incorporate some into the base, as the crispies are quite light they have a good crunch. The caramel is thick but not hard, it keeps its shape but is soft enough to become a little stringy when bitten into. The chocolate is a hard piece on the top, however this too is a little softer than regular chocolate and reminds me more of the texture of baking chocolate, so it's not too hard compared to the other textures. This creates a softer but still crunchy texture in the mouth and makes them very moreish!

I found the flavours worked well and the caramel was not overly sweet. The chocolate was milk so this too did not overpower and overall created a well balanced flavour. 

I would and have repurchased these and I think they are fantastic! The only drawback is the calorie content because it is so easy to eat 300 calories in one sitting and where they are more of a snack they are not very filling compared to other things you could eat for 300 calories, such as some protein like chicken. 

I think these will be great for sweet buffets, parties and movie nights as those who don't have gluten intolerance's (particularly my family as I returned to an empty tub) will enjoy them too!

Hannah x 

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