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Honeybuns Tin - Open Box

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Today my Honeybuns Prize was delivered for their 5000 followers giveaway! It had fantastic presentation, including a cute gluten free bee sticker which I've stuck on my monitor at work, as I thought it was very fitting.

To my surprise the tin contained 7 products! I thought it would have been a small box with three or four items to try. I didn't even expect a tin so this was really above and beyond my expectations and much appreciated after the Monday morning that I had!

Let me show you what I got!

St Clements Cake Cake Slice - £1.70
With a great taste 2013 proudly on its packaging, this slice describes itself as an orange and lemon sponge with almonds. It looks to be a very moist with the texture of lemon drizzle cake so I cannot wait to find out if it tastes like one but with a twist!

Congo Bar Cake Slice - £1.70
The Congo Bar I think will be very much like the Almond moon in it's uniqueness. Using polenta in the shortbread base, topped with caramel, chocolate and nuts. I think this may be the one I am most excited to try as it's so different to anything I have tried in the free from market.

Amondi - £1.50
I am a coffee addict so when I saw that this is their take on a gluten and dairy free amaretti it was quite exciting. This too has a great taste gold award 2007 on the packaging so I have got high hopes for this product. Just need a trip to Costa now...

Milk Chocolate brownie Cake Slice - £1.70
I think I may have had this product before in a coffee shop a long time ago because as soon as I saw it I thought I recognised it. It must have been before my blogging days as I would have paid more attention and a post would have sure cropped up about this! This brownie also contains coffee and almonds so is right up my street as I love coffee and almonds, as I previously said. So I will be very happy to rediscover this!

Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Mini - £1.05
Another of the best sellers in the tin! The shortbread in this slice incorporates polenta much like the Congo bar but also almonds, so will have a nuttier taste. This is topped with caramel and chocolate! What could be better? This Millionaires shortbread style slice is my Dad's all time favourite cake so I'd better hide this up and make sure I bring in some mainstream Millionaires slices when I take this to work!

Snowy Hills Cake Slice - £1.70
Unique is something Honeybuns do so well. This slice consists of a ginger, polenta and almond shortbread which is topped with a lemon sponge. You might have guessed it, this too holds a great taste gold award 2010 as do most of their more niche quirky products, which you just do not find the main supermarket brands doing. This makes the products really stand out from the crowd as I see these as more comparable to 'normal' foods rather than the typical free from sponges and biscuits I can find anywhere.

Heathcliff Brownie Mini - £1.05
It can't just me me that does their best Kate Bush impression when reading the name of this brownie?!?! A 2005 great taste gold winner. Like its sister this brownie has an almond and chocolate base, but what makes this even more delicious sounding is that is is make with two blends of dark chocolate and some orange thrown in for extra goodness! Chocolate orange is one of my boyfriends and I's guilty pleasures so this will be another one that's being hidden until I polish it off!

I think it would be fantastic for Honeybuns to make a mystery box like this as a product, as I think it would make a great gift or even just to try something new. They do have gift sets online but from what I've seen you know what will be in the box. I love mystery/subscription boxes that have emerged over the years and although I think a subscription service or a one off purchasable temping tin from Honeybuns would certainly brighten my day!

Hannah x

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