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Bear Raspberry Yo Yo's

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Something a little bit more healthy today! Fruit is one of my favourite snacks. So when I can find fruit snacks that have a longer life and easier to carry around, I'm all for it!

Although intended for children I find these are not too childish looking, so there is no embarrassment when eating these in public! The packaging is very fun with bright colours and papery in texture which I find different and very interesting!

Each pack contains two yo-yo's and are only 27 calories each. They are 100% fruit meaning they are suitable for most allergy sufferers and even vegans! The only ingredients are apples, pears, raspberries and a little black carrot so are completely clean!

I find these taste just like raspberry jam, which in my opinion is the best flavour jam! Being much lower calorie as there is no added sugar makes it much better to snack on compared to some jam smothered toast. 

They are a thick dense texture with a slight tackiness. Reminding me of a thick paste, which is very similar to most dried shaped fruit snacks.

Retailing at around 70p a pack these are quite good value. I picked mine up in H&B as part of the penny sale, making them an even better deal and I could mix and match the flavours rather than having a one flavour multipack.

I really enjoy these yo-yo's and find them so convenient on the go. There is such a wide range of flavours which means you never get bored! Playing cards are included in each pack so are a great incentive for kids to eat more healthy too!

Hannah x

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