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McDonalds the gluten free way!

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A fast food burger place tend to make a gluten intolerant run for the hills, but not today!  I wanted to share with you my tips and tricks for eating out without becoming unwell! The key is to find a McDonalds and you will be safe (from my experience you will be anyway!)

As you have more than likely seen on the adverts that McDonalds burgers are 100% beef, meaning no fillers! This means you can order a burger without the bun and it will be gluten free, I have even been informed that the big mac sauce is also gluten free so you can even feel safe with most of the sauces.

The chips are fried in their own friers to avoid cross contamination and they treat you normal even when you ask for meals without the buns. To date I have eaten many times in McDonalds and not become unwell, but as I always say I am a self diagnosed gluten intolerant and I don't know if I have celiacs or not but I am EXTREMELY sensitive to gluten, however if you feel you are at greater risk of being affected through cross contamination do what you feel comfortable or even talk to the staff as they tend to be very happy to help.

Lets take a look at what I ate!

I tend to go for a Big Mac without the bun but today I had a double cheeseburger and chips, which is basically the same thing just with a different sauce and some salad. Which to be fair looks much more appetising than this photo... opps! Trust me it still tastes great! I also had some ketchup to dip with, McDonald's stock Heinz sauces so is perfectly safe!

I also have a diet coke and when I am in the mood for something sweet I will get a Mcflurry, just beware of the flavours you choose. I pick dairy milk normally as it one I know is gluten free but creme egg is out at the moment and I looked it up and this too is gluten free, so I have been filling up on that before it's gone!

I would love to know if you have any tips for eating out I'd love to know!

Hannah x

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