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Udis - Chocolate Flavour Sandwich Cookies

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After what must be months of searching the Sainsbury's shelves after I received an email advert from DS for Oreo style biscuits, I finally found the Udis variety. However I almost didn't pick them up as I think £3.50 for 8 biscuits is absolutely crazy! I know the DS version is £1.40 but I have yet to find them but I hope to make a comparison when I do.

These are not only gluten free but are dairy free too, so they are quite a safe option to have for when those who have allergies come over for a cuppa.

A biscuit is around 70 calories and is the same size as an Oreo. I found that they are very much the same as a mainstream Oreo including similar embossing on the top. There is a slight exception for the fact that they are a little more grainy and leave a slight powdery after-texture in the mouth for a couple of seconds. But on the whole they are very accurate!

The biscuit is the typical dry texture as you would expect, which has a more of a crumble than a snap. I find this works well as the crumbs stick to the white and doesn't flake away. The taste is very dark like a typical cocoa rather than chocolate taste you get from Oreo's.  I was also very surprised as for a dairy free cookie the white middle is creamy and much softer that I anticipated, I would even say its a bit softer than the mainstream version.

I found these very addictive and ended up eating two or three in one go, which wasn't great as this made my snack 88p-£1.30 a go. I know that gluten free food tends to be a bit more expensive, but at that price I feel that is more of a coffee shop or handmade small business price rather than what you would find in a supermarket. As I felt these are significantly more expensive than the other biscuits on offer in the gluten free section and have a lot less in the box.

I did really enjoy these cookies but I would only buy them very occasionally as I cannot justify the cost, particularly at the speed I ate them! I think both flavour and texture is very accurate, and what makes them even better is that you don't get the black teeth like with real Oreo's!

Hannah x

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