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Snackly Gluten Free Snack Box - Open Box

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I recently discovered Snackly when they followed me on twitter. They provide a monthly subscription box containing gluten free food which was a complete blessing as I have been searching for a product like this since I cannot eat Graze boxes anymore. When my box arrived I was so excited I had to have a sneak peak.

A box is £7.95 a month including shipping, for this you receive around 6 products. So for just over £1 per product you are able to try many new things you may never have heard of!

What was in my box?

The packet says that these are baked mango pieces. I love dried mango so I am sure I'll love these. On their website they have a lot of interesting flavours, such as pineapple and tropical, both of these excite me too!

What's better at Christmas than a bit of chocolate orange! This chocolate is a mighty 74% so I assume a little will go a long way! So this 40g jar should be more than enough! 

I have seen the full size bags at Cineworld but have never tried them. This sample pack is perfect to give the flavour a try, sweet and salty is one of my favourites so I am sure I'll love this!

This is a small business, which when looking online started trading at the Free From Show at Olympia this year! It was unfortunate that I didn't see them. But I am excited to try this brownie as it is meant to be more or less allergy free. There is no gluten, wheat, nuts, tree nuts, soy, sesame, coconut, dairy, eggs and no artificial flavours and colourings.

Cambrook Almonds
This is an Almond brittle and is described as 'roasted almonds caramelised in a wonderfully fine glaze'. The only three ingredients in this are almonds, star and honey. Which as you know pleases me when I can read and know what all the ingredients are in a product. A bar is 242 calories so this is certainly a sweet treat!

The second brittle in this box is gluten free and dairy free with no syrup and butter. This too has a pretty clean ingredients list. It does have a few spices including cinnamon so lets hope its not too strong because it looks fantastic. 

I think this concept is fantastic and I will be reviewing this box at the end of January when I have tried everything and can put reviews in one post so you can see what I liked! The only downside to this box is that I had to look up each brand, where as beauty boxes I've had in the past give you a little write up from each brand, this may not bother many but I really like knowing about the brands and where these products are from.

If you have a Snackly subscription I would love to know if you get the same treats as I do not know if each box is identical!

If you would like to try Snackly visit and use the voucher code HANNAHMADE to receive a discount on your box!

Hannah x

*This box was a free sample to try, all opinions and views are my own.

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  1. Sounds awesome! Looking forward to receiving my box next month!

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