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Sainsbury's - Free From Mince Pies

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One day last week I had my dinner in Sainsbury's cafe, which is not only great value but they are very good at catering to allergies and intolerances. I ordered my food and picked up an individually wrapped free from mince pie for later on. They had these last year so I was very happy to see them back!

This pie is shallow, which I much prefer to the deep fill variety, as the pastry usually tends to be my favourite bit! The decoration of a little star on the top instead of a lid I feel is very effective, with the dusting of icing sugar making it just that bit more festive.

I forgot to note down the cost but on average these individually wrapped cakes retail from £1.50 to £1.80, and have around 350 calories.

The pastry is a little harder than typical pastry and I would describe the texture as a cross between a pastry but with the hardness of a shortbread. It has great flavour and no odd after taste. I have always found pastry in gluten free form very hit or miss, but I think this one has a good mixture and balance of ingredients giving a mainstream pastry taste.

The filling is very much like a typical mincemeat, although I know many mincemeats are actually gluten free, for example Tesco finest use rice flour, which makes it more accessible to everyone. There is no spice or flavour that over powers another and this allows for a good flavour with well proportion to each flavour aspect. Particularly as I have said before I do not like things too Christmas spice in flavour, too much cardamon or cinnamon and I can't stand it.

The coffee shops in the local area have really put a great deal of thought into creating a good free from range. Both chains and independents.

If I can get hold of the Genius pastry, I may try making my own this Christmas! If I do I will let you know how they go!

Hannah x

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