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What I ate Today!

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As Christmas is getting closer, I am trying to eat a bit cleaner and healthier so I can enjoy my Christmas foods without feeling too guilty! So here is what I ate today:

I was wanting to have Genius toast and grilled tomato which I have been loving over the last few days, but I forgot to pick up more tomatoes yesterday! Oops! So I put some peanut butter on my toast instead as its high protein to start the day. I also had a chocolate from my advent calendar.

This lunch time I am at work as it is a weekday, so I have a pre packed sandwich which I made with Genius brown bread, plain chicken pieces, mayo and tomato. I love turkey and chicken sandwiches and tomatoes are most certainly their best friend when it comes to sandwich fillings.

I then had 1/4 cucumber as I've been loving cucumber as well as tomatoes recently.

A few Hotel Chocolat caramel buttons and a banana, because without a sweet treat I may go insane! I thought that balancing the buttons with a banana must make them healthy! Well ... I can keep wishing! 

For Dinner I had a Genuis chicken and gravy pie for the first time, it was fantastic! Review will be coming soon. This was accompanied by some mash and broccoli. 

As it was Tuesday, otherwise known in my house as Starbucks Tuesday, I had a medium Starbucks decaf skinny latte. 

It was a bit of a genius day! I'm sure next time I will have more of a mix!

Hannah x

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