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Christmas Cheese Board - Angelic Gluten free

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When it comes to Christmas you most certainly can't do things by halves. You have to have the world's largest Turkey (even if it doesn't fit in the oven!), the glitziest wrapping paper and definitely the most extravagant decorations, so why should your cheese board miss out?

When it comes to picking crackers I don't think a typical cream cracker will do, they need a flavour to compliment the at least 30 different types of cheese on the board... okay maybe not that much cheese, but close enough! I do love cheese!

I have found that the Angelic savoury biscuits are my favourite. They have a dry consistency with a good snap and are very well flavoured, there is no mistaking the flavours they claim to be on the box, which is fantastic. I have raved so much about their products since discovering them so if you are interested in finding out more about Angelic, click here.

I will review the individual flavours that I have not yet done in the near future. But for today I would like to let you know what I like to choose to eat with each flavour.

Sweet Chilli
These are HOT, I am a bit of a heat fearer so these may seem pretty mild to you, but it doesn't mean that I do not love them! I think these go best with a bit of brie as it cools them down but does not overpower the good kick of chilli taste that I love. However being the chilli lightweight that I am two of these biscuits is more than enough in one sitting!

Cocktail Oatcake
These are a very plain biscuit so they go with most things. What I particularly enjoy with these though are smoked cheeses, as there is no other flavour to hinder the subtle smokey taste. These would also be great with a regular cheddar, or as I have been eating them lately with just a bit of butter, odd I know but don't knock it until you've given it a go!

Rosemary & Sea Salt
I found blue cheese was a superb choice to have with these savoury biscuits. The rosemary adds a depth to the flavour that translates beautifully in the mouth. Being the sophisticated person that I am, I actually found laughing cow blue cheese was my favourite with these biscuits. I also enjoy dipping these into houmous as rosemary is a flavour that really compliments the chick peas!

Sea Salt
Much Like the oat cookies, these are perfect partners for any type of cheese or pate on your cheese board. I found that these are great for a soft cheese, with black pepper or garlic infused as these are normally quite strong and the biscuit does not want to have a contrasting flavour when eating such a cheese.

I have found that Angelic's selection of savoury biscuits are very unique for the free from market, the flavours are not easy to find elsewhere and gives a more sophisticated choice for those who do not want plain crackers with their cheeses this festive season. For the RRP of £2.59, although many places are cheaper, I feel these are the best value for the flavours and quality of food you receive. They are also dairy and egg free so all of us can enjoy them!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!

Hannah x

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