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M&S Cafe - Gluten Free Options

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Everyone knows my love for M&S food hall, so when one opened down the road from me I was ecstatic! I have brought many a lunch and groceries since it opened (a gluten free haul is on its way!) But today for the first time I tried their cafe. I found they had plenty of gluten free options although the ploughman's sandwich I wanted to try was out of stock!

They do also sell gluten free sandwiches in the shop, but mine have yet to stock them in store as it is very new.

Items to choose from in the cafe that I saw:
  • Chicken salad sandwich
  • Cheese ploughman's sandwich
  • Pecan and caramel slice
  • Brownie
  • Salted crisps
  • Cheese and onion crisps
  • Salt and cracked black pepper crisps
  • Jacket potatoes
I had already picked up a pecan and caramel slice in the store so I just opted for the last chicken salad sandwich and a small decaf latte. 

The sandwich was around 450 calories and filled well with chicken pieces, cucumber, lettuce and tomato. I found the bread was a little on the drier side but at the same time it was not overly dry, just a bit different to the Genius bread I'm used to. I think if I can find this bread in the store, it would be great toasted with soup or cut into squares and lightly fried to make croutons or a breakfast fried bread. 

The sandwich was £3.95 which I do agree is on the pricer side of pre packed sandwiches but it did have a lot of filling, much more than other pre packed sandwiches and is great for convenience or as a cafe option to go to when eating out with others. My latte was £2.15, totalling £6.10 for a lunch which is quite a competitive price when you take a look at other cafes and coffee shops in the gluten free market.

I really enjoyed the M&S cafe and with so many options I would certainly visit again as I know they will always have something for me, including jacket potatoes. 

I have noticed that coffee shops are becoming more conscious of us gluten free lot! I think M&S and costa are my favourite for choices so far! 

Hannah x

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