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The Foods of Athenry - Multiseed Gourmet Cracker

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We are back on savoury today as I have noticed over the past month or so other than eating out I have had a lot of sweet items feature on this little space of the web. I do tend to prefer sweet to savoury. When the weather brightens up, I think nothing beats a raspberry lemonade!

But today I have another great find courtesy of Snackly of the savoury variety. These are the Multiseed Gourmet Crackers from The Foods of Athenry, which are gluten and wheat free soda bread toasts. I am not sure if mine arrived a little broken when hitting the floor from the post box or if they were broken down to fit into a sample. Either way this isn't an issue as I tend to break crackers and crisps up to dip them.

I had these for my lunch with some vegetable batons, M&S Mexican houmous and M&S soft spreadable cheddar. I know those two dips sound odd together but I like crackers with a cheese and veggies with houmous, so that's what I had!

These crackers are free from wheat, gluten, artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, yeast, eggs and are only 66 calories for 25g. The ingredients are relatively clean, there is 27% seeds in these crackers which makes them quite nutritious. This is always a plus for me because I can tend to go through phases of binging on empty calories as snacks, if a box of these are near, this hopefully wont happen!

These crackers are very much like melba thins in both taste and texture. Being a very dry cracker they have a good snap and the seeds give them a good crunch as well as a fantastic flavour. The seeds that stand out to me are sunflower and pumpkin, this maybe because they are two of my favourite seeds and I have been known to eat them in handfuls in the past!

I found that the flavour was very interesting and much more complex than I imagined. I thought that the flavour would be plain as I have had similar products in the past and enjoyed the texture but needed to dip them in something to have some sort of flavour. These differ from those as they have used the seeds as a real flavouring rather than an afterthought, which I think is the case with many other brands.

Although these types of crackers have a dry texture they do not translate this way in the mouth. I found that I had eaten half the pack without even dipping them because the flavour really stood up on its own and was very enjoyable. I would say if you are not a fan of seeds you may not enjoy these as much as I do but I still think they have a universally enjoyable flavour and I think they would be fantastic broken over soup as croutons!

If you got these in your snackly box, why not let me know if you loved them as much as I do or if I'm just a seed nut! If you are not subscribed to snackly, you can find them here, and if you wanted to try these crackers they retail for £3.25 and can be found here!

Hannah x

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