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M&S Free From - Cheddar Cheese Ploughman's Sandwich

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Buying my lunch at work is a regular occurrence since the opening of the M&S food hall. Although my store has yet to put the free from sandwiches in the shop, they do have them in the cafe and when purchasing them they leave them wrapped. So I purchased one from the cafe and wandered back to work to eat it.

If you cast your mind back to about a year ago when Tesco announced that they were teaming up with genius to bring us a huge range of free from sandwiches. I only ever managed to find one reduced one in the numerous Tesco's I went to. The one I did find was the cheese and ham ploughman's so is perfect to compare. See my thoughts on the Tesco sandwich here.

Minus the ham, this sandwich was incredibly similar. The bread was a slightly drier consistency but was in no way a dry bread that is hard to eat. Inside the sandwich there was of course the cheese, a layer of lettuce, some slices of tomato and sweet pickle. I found the sweet pickle was my favourite part of the sandwich as I love pickles and this one in particular was sweet but slightly vinegary in flavour, complementing the cheese beautifully. The flavouring reminded me much more of a chutney rather than a pickle, making it a little more luxurious.

I found that the only thing I would prefer  is a bit more salad in my sandwich. I am aware I do like ALOT of salad in my sandwiches and the loose packaging on these sandwiches may leave them falling apart if too much salad was added. I just picked up a bit of fruit and cucumber on the side which suited my craving anyway!

I would 100% have this sandwich again but I would rather wait until it is in store, as I believe that they will be cheaper, as all the items seem to be a bit more expensive in the cafe compared to the food hall as they are expecting you to eat in.

Nevertheless I am glad that some free from sandwiches are accessible to me again. As you cannot quite make a sandwich the same as a pre packed one, no matter how hard you try!

Hannah x

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