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Honeybuns - Congo Bar

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In all honesty I feel bad for my poor Congo Bar. I left the poor thing to be the last thing to try and was convinced that I wouldn't enjoy it half as much as the others as it wasn't oozing chocolate and there wasn't a drop of lemon. Chocolate and fruit flavoured cake are my favourite and for some reason I have always thought that a very chunky nutty bar wouldn't be my thing. How wrong could I have been? This is by far the standout product in the whole tin I won!

Funny how even though I've always thought I'd hate things like nutty cakes, I would still always go for almond or hazelnut based ones and think nothing of it,  but still running a mile at walnuts, pecans or anything slightly bobbly looking. I guess I have only seen them in the nut bowl at Christmas as a child and their look made me steer clear!

This bar had that wonderful Honeybuns shortbread which is present in a number of their products, buttery and crumbles in the mouth, just thinking about it is making my mouth water! This is topped with that typical Nan's style caramel that I found the millionaires shortbread had too. Pecans, coconut and chocolate chips were then sunk into this. The combination was amazing! The mixture of sweet and savoury flavours and textures blended well and complimented one another. This bar reminded me of a rocky road with a nutty twist.

The bar pictured is the regular sized slice which retails at £1.70. Like all their try bakes, you are able to buy multiple sizes. I have said before that the mini's are my favourite as I cannot eat too much cake in one go, but if this was a mini I think I would have felt a bit short changed as I love it so much.

This bar does set you back quite a few calories though, a whopping 470 to be exact, hence why I have moved on to americano as a coffee treat! I must admit it was worth every morsel. Honestly it was just as well I didn't have a full tray bake, or a lot more would have been eaten.

Now I have found Honeybuns cakes it is going to make comparing products tricky as I will always compare them to theirs, which I feel are on a par to good home cooking that includes gluten! Fantastic for us gluten free lot who like a cake well baked!

Hannah x 

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