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Love at First Bake - Red Pepper and Parmesan muffins

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A savoury bake today! Love at First Bake have come up trumps again! When I had my Birthday cake from them I knew I had been converted and would always go back. So when my sisters came around we ordered a cake. Love at first bake were kind enough to ask if I wanted to try their savoury muffins at the same time and this is what arrived!

First thing I notice about these muffins are that they are HUGE. I honestly didn't expect them to be so large. They are also very filling so are worth the £2.50 each. When opening the box the aroma of these muffins filled the room, so I strongly suggest not opening them at work. Unless you want puppy dog eyes at you all afternoon from hungry colleagues!

Not only do these smell amazing but they look so appealing, a crispier top with red pepper and parmesan sprinkled over. I have to admit the top to a muffin is always by far my favourite bit and this one did not let me down.

Once in the muffin the texture is much drier than a sweet muffin, which is what I expected. There was some melted parmesan in the middle which I believe had a secondary purpose as a binding agent as well as to amplify the flavour. The crumbly texture is fantastic with some soft cheese as this binds it together well and enhances the flavours. I would say that eating a whole muffin alone would be a bit heavy going and honestly I don't think that is the intention. I found using it as more of a side for a pasta dish or soup, very much like a tear and share flavoured bread was delicious.

Tomato soup was this muffins perfect pairing and the crumbliness really worked to its advantage for this. The pieces that were left from dipping had absorbed into the soup, making the most beautiful peppery, herby, cheesy, tomato goodness!

There is also very good quality ingredients used and being a smaller business, they do not have the same buying power that brands like Genius do. But saying that, you wouldn't get quality like this from supermarket free from brands!

I overall really enjoyed this muffin and would completely recommend it. I know £10 plus P&P is a daunting thought for 4 muffins, but I can assure you these could easily feed 8 as part of a meal because they are so large. These would be great for a free from dinner party and I think you're guests would leave very impressed!

If you are interested in some of these unique muffins, you can order them online here!

Hannah x

*These products were sent to me to try as part of a purchase I made. These opinions are completely my own, honesty is the best policy!

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