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M&S Free From Scotch Egg

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Another M&S find today but a savoury one to make a change. Spotting these was another squeal in the shop moment!

Now these were found and photoed on my twitter a good few weeks ago but I have only just got around to singing and shouting on here about them. I know you all may be a bit M&S overloaded from me recently as they are not always that accessible, but since mine opened locally I have been completely converted, particularly as most of their food is gluten free as they use a lot of corn flour. Even the sausages are gluten free!

Obviously this is one of those items, try as they might, they cannot make the regular ones gluten free because of the bread crumbs. So catering to us and our junk food needs makes me super happy!

These eggs retail at around £1.60-£2 which I think is great as this is the same price as the regular versions. They even include most of the free from versions of products in the buy 3 for £5 mix and match style deals. At around 300 calories they are rather calorific, but this is to be expected for a product of this nature.

The scotch egg itself is made up of a bread crumb outer, which in all honesty was the same as how I remember the breadcrumbs on regular scotch eggs. Followed by the typical sausage meat style coating, which too had the same taste and texture I remember, then finally a free range egg. I would also like to highlight, all the eggs and egg based products I have found in M&S have been free range. This is something very important to me, as I try my hardest to buy products with free range eggs when I can. Being gluten free it is not always clear if the eggs used in products are free range or not and if they aren't it may be my only option at the time but it is a concern of mine.

These eggs taste just how I remember a scotch egg and were fantastic with a plain salad for lunch. I was hoping there would be the smaller picnic eggs on offer as they are easier to snack on, but you can't have everything! I'd rather a fresh gluten free sausage roll was released as a picnic egg and savoury egg are not too dissimilar anyway.

Overall I really enjoyed these eggs and I am so happy that the supermarkets are starting to see that us celiacs want fresh ready food and 'party' food. We love junk food as much as the next person!

Hannah x

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