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Is having gluten free skincare necessary?

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Those who know me know that spots are just not something I suffer with, my skin has always been pretty clear with the odd little spot occasionally popping up when I haven't removed my makeup properly. I have always enjoyed skincare so this may be why!

Recently I was looking at my spending habits and realised that I spend an awful lot on skincare. My all time favourite Lancome moisturiser is £40, which I have always thought was so expensive, but what once was a treat purchase has turned into a daily moisturiser for me. I decided to change this. I had got a sample of a Clinique moisturiser in my Glamour magazine so I started to use this once my other had run out. After a few days my forehead was covered in bumps and I was developing huge spots, which is something I never experienced before and assumed that this product didn't agree with me.

The next time I was in town I headed for The Body Shop to try something cheaper. I picked up the vitamin E range as it was closest to my beloved moisturiser. I picked up the face wash, moisturising day cream and the toner as well as an eye cream. Over the next few weeks my skin was getting bumpier, it was a complete mystery to me as to why this could be happening. My skin is quite sensitive  but I've never never broken out before.

After what feels like months of looking I found that all of these products contain wheat! Who would have thought that putting wheat on my face would have this reaction? and that it was even present in these products at all. Ultimately I contacted Lancome who make the cream I use and I was informed that this product doesn't contain wheat and nor did the Simple face wash I have been using from Christmas gifts. So I have bit the bullet and ordered my old skin care in as if it isn't broke, why fix it.

Whilst waiting for my new products to come in I have just used water on my face and the bumps are almost gone, although my face is now very dry! I have a box full of mini's, samples and products I have brought to try as some point so I am going through all of these and gifting those I can't use to friends and family.

Have you ever experienced anything like this? I would love to know

Hannah x

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