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Honeybuns - Heathcliff Brownie

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After driving EVERYBODY in my office mad doing my best  tone deaf impression of Kate Bush. I finally sat down and ate the Heathcliff brownie from Honeybuns, it certainly kept me quiet for a few minutes!

This is up there in one of the best brownies I have ever eaten. Gluten free brownies I do feel have been really overdone. You can bet wherever you go that offer gluten free options, there will be a brownie. Not wanting to sound ungrateful that big chains are thinking about us, but why do they assume that all coeliac's eat are brownies!?!?!

Now I am assuming one of two things. That A) Browines just sell really well and this is why I am flooded by them everywhere I turn and Honeybuns have produced them to keep up with competitors. Or B) Honeybuns saw all those brownies and thought to themselves 'let's show them how it's done'. I like to think it's the latter.

What makes this brownie so one of a kind is the use of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate and I would get married if we could. I love the richness that darker chocolate can give which you cannot achieve with a milk chocolate. Orange has been infused in the brownie, making a perfect paring, the sharp  bitter chocolate with a sweeter orange hit is a flavour I really enjoy.

The brownies texture was beautifully moist and had the gooey centre which is one of the key attributes that have to be present in a brownie to make it a memorable one for me! You wouldn't believe how many dry brownies I have tried. The chocolate chunks and orange peel I found gave a dense chewiness to the soft brownie, which adds an extra texture you don't always find in a brownie.

I would say that this brownie is so decadent that it could be served with ice-cream as a dessert, and I would recommend that if you are hosting a dinner party buying the tray bake for this purpose. It does not taste gluten free, so none of the guests would know the difference and you can join in! I think heating this brownie would be very tasty too!

If you are interested at the award winning Heathcliff brownie or any of the Honeybuns range, you can find them here!

Hannah x

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