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Kent & Fraser Lemon Butter Shortbread

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Friday treat day! Today's treat is completely my bag! A small pack of Kent & Fraser lemon butter shortbread. I have made it pretty clear by now my love of lemon and lemon flavouring. When these were in my Snackly box, I just knew they would be perfect for me!

The description claims the to be 'A delicious duo of delicate shortbread made with creamy butter, deliciously sharp lemon juice with the added zing of freshly grated lemon zest'. Now I can certainly vouch that they are delicate. As when I was opening the pack I managed to get it to slip out my hand and one flew out and smashed on the desk! I couldn't do it again if I tried! Hence why there is only one pictured! I found the flavours to be lovely and soft. Just enough lemon is present in the shortbread to make it well flavoured but not too sharp. Although I didn't seem to find the lemon zest, unless this is grated very small I didn't seem to have any, which was quite disappointing as I think that having a bit of chewy zest in the cushiony texture of the dough.

The texture is very soft and slightly crumbly very much like a mainstream shortbread in texture. It melted in the mouth and was beautifully buttery. Considering there is no butter present in the recipe, it is one of the creamiest, least dry free from shortbread I have tried. I have found it difficult to find a shortbread with no powdery aftertaste or texture. Finding that this had the perfect combination of good taste as well as good texture is something that really pleases me and one side can tend to let the other down with baked goods.

The pack itself contains two shortbreads and is a 35g pack and contains no artificial additives or preservatives and seems to be free of egg and dairy too when looking at the ingredients. However it does not certify this, but the bakery does handle nuts.

Here's a list of ingredients so you can check for any other allergens:

Rice flour, maize starch, icing sugar, maize flour, caster sugar, fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, natural lemon extract (sunflower oil and natural lemon flavouring), sea salt and emulsifier: Xanthan gum.

You can find this product, along with the rest of their range here!

Hannah x

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