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Honeybuns Snowy Hills Cake

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I'm back with another Honeybuns product today! Snowy hills to be exact. Two of these have reached my grasp lately. I won the first and the second came in the most recent Snackly box.

After trying both a regular size and a mini version of the product, I must admit that the mini did suit me better as it was a bit more manageable. As I have said many times before, the great thing about Honeybuns products is that you can pick a size that you would prefer. Mini's are certainly my first choice, being the snacker I am, I enjoy smaller amounts.

This cake is only gluten free as it does contain egg and dairy, but is suitable for vegetarians. There is 495 calories per 100g so I would class this as a treat, rather than a regular eat!

This is one of the most unusual cakes that I have tried full stop. Two layers make up this cake slice, the first being a ginger, polenta and almond shortbread, followed by a lemon sponge. Crazy right? Whoever thought this up is a genius! Lemon and ginger is not a combination you see all too often but it really does work. I believe there must be some sort of lemon curd in the middle as there is a slight sticky textured, lemony flavoured something holding the two layers together which adds moistness to the cake and an extra hit of sweetness.

The shortbread is not too solid so the textures are not too contrasting, if it was a tough shortbread it would throw the combination off kilter. The sponge is very moist and bouncy, a complete contrast to many free from sponges I have tried. It is slightly tacky in texture too, very much like your typical lemon drizzle cake.

The only drawback to Honeybuns products so far is their avaiblity. They have a fantastic online shop but unfortunately I do not have anywhere local to buy them. Stockist are available but my local is a few miles away. I am not against buying online, if anything its one of my guilty pleasures whilst checking social media, it would just be lovely to be able to pick up a Snowy Hills or Congo bar when I get the craving! Although I am very excited to find out they are being stocked in Waitrose and John Lewis Cafe's so I will be sure to tell everyone, and I suggest getting to see if they are in your local ones ASAP.

As another Great Taste Award winner, Honeybuns seem to know what all of us in the free from market want and how to make wonderful cakes!

This product is fresh and will not keep for too long, so a perfect excuse to eat it quick!

Hannah x

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