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Costa Coffee - New Egg Free From Wrap

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Three weeks ago I spotted that Costa had released a new gluten free wrap. This one is suitable for the Veggies too as it is free range egg and slow roasted tomato.  One was picked up and put in my order straight away to give a try to see what I thought, also to bring some more veggie foods to this little space on the web. I seem to be quite the meat eater looking at past posts!

This wrap I believe retails at around £3.50, so is similar price to all food in costa. But in general is quite pricey if you consider how much you could make it for. Although it is fantastic for a quick fix whilst out. At 405 calories and lighter ingredients, this wrap is ideal as a more everyday eat as they have clearly been conscious of the calories as we have limited free from options.

A seeded wrap is the foundation to this product. Within this is egg, mayo, tomatoes and apollo lettuce. The egg has been mashed and mixed into the mayo to give more of a sandwich filler texture rather than sliced pieces. Slow roast tomatoes compliment the egg and adds a hit of stronger flavour to what would otherwise be quite bland.

Unfortunately I could not stand the texture of this wrap and really struggled to finish it. Soft egg and wrap with a chewier tomato, as it has been roasted did not contrast too much. It was the really spikey lettuce added to this combination I could not stand. When you have ingredients as soft as egg I feel the only lettuce that will compliment it would be an iceberg or spinach. In comparison the the Urban Eat version which does have a smoother lettuce, this is much softer flavour as well as texture and gives it the slight edge in the egg wrap wars.

What really put me off the wrap completely was I found a HUGE bit of egg shell, and regardless of of dish, if I find egg shell, I cannot eat anymore as the only thing I can compare it to is nails down a black board. It makes me cringe and feel slightly nauseous. In all fairness to the wrap I know this is incredibly rare in pre packed sandwiches and I just got unlucky, but it did ruin the experience for me.

I wanted to love this wrap as it opens my options so much more. Just because I didn't enjoy the textures I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying it as I know I am very sensitive to textures and the flavours were fantastic! But for me personally I would not repurchase this wrap.

I would love to know if you have tried this wrap and felt completely different about it. I would be great to hear!

Hannah x

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