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Giraffe - Gluten Free Menu

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Last week I was up in Manchester for a business trip, and what's a trip to Manchester and staying a three minute drive away from the Trafford Centre without going there! So myself, my boss and my colleague headed off there for a shopping evening.

The Trafford Centre closes at 10pm which is a whole hour later than the shopping centre I tend to visit. So we were able to shop and eat with no rush.

Being the awkward individual in the group I felt so conscious that we were walking through all these amazing Chinese and Thai places where they were drooling. Me being me was overwhelmed with what I like to call gluten gilt.

After looking around we saw a Giraffe, which my colleague said was really good when she went before, so we asked if they have a gluten free menu, and they do!

I started with an iced tea which contained green and camomile tea, mango juice and mint. It was honestly the best drink I have had in a very long time, sweet but very refreshing. I would recommend this if you ever go to Giraffe.

For my main I actually asked for the sharing starter of chilli nachos with the added chorizo option. You are also able to add chicken but I wasn't in the mood for this as I have had it a lot recently. The dish consisted of  a layer of seasoned tortilla chips, jalapeƱos and red chillies (which I put to the side), black beans, chilli sauce, sour cream, guacamole and cheese. The chorizo was then added to the top with a bit more melted cheese.

The meal was very large and I do not know how two people would manage it as a starter and then eat a main too! I found that the tortillas were lovely and crisp and didn't go soggy. The flavours were very full and rich. All ingredients were distributed well and no part of the dish was starved or submerged in one ingredient. Towards the end it was getting very hot to eat. I am the biggest wimp when it comes to heat and although I moved all the chilli I could, I think some got through!

To finish my meal I couldn't manage dessert although there was many options. I had a Tea Pigs peppermint tea instead. I have to say this tea I have seen in shops but always thought that the price was a bit high for my liking and that surely it would not taste much difference for the price you are paying. To my surprise I think I have been converted. I have not had such as fresh tasting peppermint tea.

I have looked the product up on google since and it's 100% dried peppermint and the quality of the flavour is superior to any I have tried before. The silky bag really allows the flavour to infuse in the drink without a papery taste.

I would love to know if you have been to Giraffe and what you thought!

Hannah x

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