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Teapigs - Chocolate & Mint Tea

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After showing you my haul of Teapigs goodies last week, I thought that I would review the most interesting tea I have ever heard of.

Chocolate and mint tea, whilst sounding amazing to me, it also sounded scary. After the initial excitement, I was then concerned that it would taste like a watery hot chocolate, I couldn't think of anything worse! I am pleased to say that this wasn't the case!

This smaller sampler pack retails at £1.30 on the website and contains two bags. I think that this is a fantastic idea. Everybody has a whole box of tea you don't like sitting in the cupboard for years until you feel that you can justify throwing it away as it's out of date!

This tea recommends steeping for 3-5 minutes. Like many I know I am one of those people who just keeps the bag in the cup. I quite enjoy starting a tea with a subtle flavour and it getting stronger towards the bottom. The ingredients in this tea are peppermint leaves, chocolate chips and cocoa husk. This is one of the things I love about teapigs, the tea is 100% natural. I know this one in particular has chocolate chips but I can read all the ingredients and know exactly what I am consuming.

Flavour wise this tea was not entirely what I was expecting, but in all honesty I wasn't sure what I was expecting. It is very much like your typical peppermint tea, there is a light twist to it however. I wouldn't say that it tastes straight up of chocolate, but it does give the peppermint a warmth and richness to it. There is a chocolately minty aftertaste you have in your mouth when drinking this tea, much like you have after eating a mint Magum or After Eight.

I really enjoy this tea and gives you all the benefits of mint tea with a bit of a difference, I have seen there is liquorice one too, which I think will be well worth a try!

Hannah x

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