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Teapigs Haul

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Yesterday I received a surprise parcel which James had ordered to be delivered to my office. The box has the Teapigs logo printed all over it, which of course made me extremely excited as I loved the tea I have had the last two Tuesdays in Giraffe.

I opened the box and inside was a beautiful gift bag with a wide Teapigs ribbon running the whole way around and secured in a bow. Logo covered tissue paper concealed what was inside, I just had to open it to find out what was in there.

I had an inkling that peppermint tea might be in the gift bag, after heavy hinting to James, but I was surprised to find a couple more items which I never would have thought he'd find or choose. These are possibly even better than the tea!

The first thing I found in the box was the 15 bag pack of peppermint tea that I thought I might find. This natural leaf tea is by far the best peppermint tea that I have ever tried. Once I have finished getting through the bulk of tea bags I bought from Holland and Barratt, I don't think I will have anything other than Teapigs. I have been well and truly converted!

I then saw a box of two tea bags which were the chocolate and mint flavour. Mint choc chip ice-cream is my all time favourite and Costa's summer special mint choc chip cooler is amazing. So this tea is completely up my street. The ingredients in this tea bag are: cocoa husk, peppermint and chocolate chips. I cannot wait to try this as I think it will be a very minty hot chocolate style tea!

The last item in the gift bag was hidden in a box. Inside this box I found the most delicate glass cup and saucer, 'Teapigs' is printed onto the base of the cup. I am a mug addict and I have at least 40 in my collection. I do have a couple of glass cups already but none like this, and although I love them I do not actually own a glass cup and saucer! This mug is perfect as I love watching the teabag infuse through the glass, there is something oddly therapeutic about it!

This package was a complete surprise and brightened up what otherwise was a pretty grotty Monday morning!

I would love to know if there is a must try Teapigs tea flavour that you love!

Hannah x

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