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Teapigs - Another Haul!

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Teapigs sell some of the most unique teas I have ever come across. Some interesting teas have caught my eye in the past, my curiosity has made me pick them up to try. Unfortunately the majority I tried taste of the papery bag. This is where teapigs stand out to me. The tea tastes so fresh and not interfered by the bag as they use a silky material.

So lets see what I got!

Liquorice and Peppermint
This tea contains liquorice root and pure peppermint leaves. That's it! A simple blend but sounds like such as great twist on a classic. This tea is recommended to steep for at least three minutes. I am very excited to try this blend as I love peppermint tea, not only does it have health benefits and help when you have been accidentally glutend, but it tastes amazing too! Adding liquorice can only mean great things.

Apple and Cinnamon
From my initial thoughts and smelling this blend all I can think of is warm fires and autumn leaves. I know we have barely got into summer but this makes me so excited for the colder months, as everything you eat and drink turns into comfort food! This blend contains apple, cinnamon, apple pomace, roasted chicory root, citric acid, sweet blackberry leaves and natural flavourings. There is a bit more to this tea so I imagine it has some complex notes. Perfect for a cooler night to unwind.

Popcorn Tea
Flavoured green teas are very much in fashion at the moment. I have always been a great lover of green tea, so seeing so many new flavours does add some fun to an everyday drink! This is the most fitting flavour for me as popcorn is one of my favourite snacks. According to the box rice was originally added to green tea to make it go further in Japan. Recommended to steep for at least three minutes, this tea also has very little ingredients and is merely green tea and toasted rice.

Super Fruit
This tea smells amazing through the box, so fresh and fruity. This tea is packed full of super fruits so will be great as it's antioxidant rich. Hibiscus, elderberries, currants, blackcurrants, natural flavouring, cranberries and blueberries can be found in this tea. I think this would sound like the perfect tea to ice with a BBQ. We will have to see!

Everyday Brew
Although I am a lover of tea, 'typical' tea I have never been the biggest fan of. Granted I have only had cheap tea bags, so this may make all the difference. I do love iced tea though and on the back it does instruct you how to ice this blend perfectly. I think I may do this with some lemon and see how I get on.

Earl Grey Strong
Earl grey is such a classic tea. I love earl grey, I typically buy Twinnings as this is what I grew up with, but I am pleased I have got the Teapigs one to try as it is good to branch out, I may even enjoy it more. In this tea you will find, black tea, cornflowers, natural bergamot flavour with other natural flavourings and natural lime flavour. This too should be steeped for at least three minutes and can have a splash of milk added.

Sweet Ginger
Ginger I have always been told is good for when you feel sick, so for long car journeys this would be my best friend! I am going on holiday in the next couple of months and there is a six hour journey so I think I will pack this with me and give it a go then! This mix also has liquorice and cinnamon so sounds quite wintery to me and so throughly warming.

Chocolate & Mint
I have reviewed this product last week, if you haven't see you can find it here. This is such an interesting tea and is very refreshing. There is cocoa husk, peppermint and chocolate chips in this tea. Flavours in this tea are prodominetly peppermint but there is a warth and a chocolatey aftertaste.

I am looking forward to getting all these teas brewed and finding some new favourites! If there is another Teapigs flavour you have had and I need to try, I would love to know!

Hannah x

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