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Getting bored of the usual meals we've been eating, we decided to have a good look through the Ocado website for new and interesting products. This is when the Clive's Organic Gluten Free Aloo Gobi Pie popped up! I was not too sure what to eat this with or when we would eat it, but as it was suitable for freezing I gave it a shot.

This pie retails at £2.99 and we divided it between the two of us. I think it is supposed to be a single portion but with sides it will easily do two people just fine. Like I said, I wasn't too sure on how to serve it so I decide to put it with kale and mash as I felt that this could be best suited. 

Cooked at 180 for 25 minutes, this easy dinner is done! The pie comes out the oven evenly cooked and smelling absolutely delicious! When I cut this pie in half it didn't crumble in any way, it really held up which is good to see in a gluten free pie as I have had some pastries that are unbelievably crumbly when trying to cut and serve.

Flavour wise, this pie is phenomenal! The spices bounce around the pastry and explode in your mouth. This pie isn't in any way 'spicy' in heat but has such a complex flavour palette it is really quite something else, something I have never tasted in a pie before, let alone a gluten free one! There is also so much filling in this pie it almost overflows as you cut it open. I was a little apprehensive about ordering a pie which seemed to be on the higher price range for a free from pie, but I was not disappointed, if anything I think the value for money is quite remarkable!

I found that the pastry was good and crisp all over, no soggy bottoms here! It tasted as much as a mainstream pie as I remember and James said it was a good pastry too and enjoyed it as a whole. I also found that as it is packed with great veggies this pie is only 243 calories for half, which if you are a calorie counter is great! Obviously as this is pastry there is quite a lot of carbs. 

If you are ever in any doubt to try these pies, I would completely recommend you give them a go! You certainly won't be disappointed!

Hannah x 
Crickey! It's been a while since I've posted in this little gluten free corner of the internet. James and I have been juggling him leaving uni with us working on our usual personal business projects and setting up our first joint business, so free time has been few and far between! But Hopefully I will be back in more of routine soon, as I miss blogging an awful lot!

Cooking from scratch has been on the back burner too, so to ease me in gently I decided to batter some cod using a batter I made from Wadworth 6X Gold pale ale. I was very kindly sent a few bottles of this beer to try in various ways. I have never really been a beer drinker as such, but I do enjoy using it as a component in cooking.

6X gold is Wadworth's gluten free offering to their range, which has been certified by Coeliac UK. These bottles are 500ml so are the largest bottles I've seen for gluten free as most are lager sized bottles. Although I am not a fan of beer straight from the bottle, I could appreciate that this one had a beautiful flavour, quite fresh and zesty I felt.

To make the batter I simply start with half a cup of Doves Farm plain flour and add the beer bit by bit and whisk together. I tend to make it a quite thick consistency so it covers the fish lightly but doesn't slip off! I find I don't particularly have measurements to make batter. I just add beer and flour as needed to get a consistency I feel is right. Once I have achieved this I always add a good amount of pepper, you could alway add salt and other seasonings. The great thing about batter is you can make it so different each time just by using a few herbs!

I then submerge my cod fillets in the batter and pop them straight into a hot pan of oil. I let them fry on one side for a few minutes before flipping. You could use a deep fat fryer but I do not cook with oil often so a frying pan works just fine. As a rule of thumb, for every inch thickness of fish they will need to be fried for about 10 minutes. I picked some thin fillets so they only took a couple of minutes.

I then served these with oven chips for speed and some mushy peas!

This ale worked so well for this recipe and the beer flavour was certainly present in the batter. They turned out to be beautifully coated and fried and we will definitely use this ale for batter again as it was light and crisp and cooked easily and evenly without any effort. Of course you can have more batter on your fish but when I make fish at home I prefer it to be more of a dusting of batter as I feel a lot of batter doesn't fry as well in a pan. It needs to be deep fried with more batter otherwise it can become a bit oily and stodgy!

I would love to know if you have any ale recipes! I think I am going to try making a steak and ale pie next time!

Hannah x

*This product was sent to me to try, all recipe ideas and opinions are my own 

M&S have released a whole new range of gluten free food, much to all our coeliac tummies delight! When I was browsing, I found these cheese and onion rolls. As I have a craft fair this weekend and I need to eat on the go whilst running my stall, I thought this would be a great opportunity to try!

With two in a pack for £3, this is a typical price for these types of products in the gluten free ranges. They are always a bit pricier than their gluten filled counterpart but I didn't think these were too unreasonable. Each roll is around 250 calories so are not too calorific for a lunchtime treat!

As there is two in a pack, I tried one baked in the oven and one straight out of some foil at a craft fair! Which means I can let you know what I thought of them both hot and cold!

When heating the roll, you will need to put the oven at 180 and bake for 10 minutes. The cheese and onion roll will come out golden brown and super crispy looking. I found that this pastry crisps nicely and turns so flakey and buttery, it's texture could have fooled you for a gluten filled equivalent! Taste wise, the cheese had gone warm and melty and was not too mature but had a great smooth flavour. The other thing I enjoyed about this roll is that there is not too much onion, its certainly preset when you are eating it, but it isn't on your breath all afternoon when you are talking to people if you have enjoyed it whilst out and about, unable to brush your teeth!

Cold it was just as flakey but wasn't as light. It was still enjoyable but I think eating them warm is really the way forward!

Overall I think that this new product is great and I'm happy that M&S have thought about making something suitable for veggies too. How many times have you struggled to get gluten free vegetarian snacks like this, because I know I have! They all seem to contain meat! I have seen many sausage rolls but this is the first veggie version I have seen in the gluten free market. This makes going on picnics and parties easier, as sometimes you just don't have the time to make all the snacks from scratch.

I would love to know if you have tried any new M&S products and if there are any you think I need to try!

Hannah x
Who doesn't love pizza? But at almost £15 each at Dominos for a small gluten free BBQ pizza, this is certainly a treat when you have a large wedding to budget for! This led us to be a bit more creative with our cooking, we are avid fans of fake-aways, not only are they tasty, it gives us something fun to do! When I do treat us and order from Dominos, I have taken to ordering their big BBQ dips, as once cooked on a pizza base at home, it is the same sauce as on the Dominos BBQ pizza. Result!

For this recipe I used the Isabel's pizza base mix. This retails at £3.25 per pack which makes four bases. The great thing about Isabel's mix is that it is in two packets so you can easily save half the pack without making your cupboards messy! I know it could be cheaper to make the base from scratch in the long run, but with the types of flour in this mix that I barely use, it wouldn't be worth my while. Also, this turns out perfect each time, whereas I have had some super gluten free fails in terms of baking that requires lots of flours mixed together!

I find the Isabel's bases become beautifully crisp around the edge and fluffy in the middle, the texture is beautiful and the taste is gorgeous too. There is no aftertaste or oddness, James enjoyed this base too and as a gluten eater he always compares to the gluten ones he is used to eating. The other joy of making the base yourself is that you can choose the thickness!

To make the base you will need a small egg, one of the pizza base packs, 1.5 tablespoons of olive oil and 100ml of water. All you do is pop it all in the bowl and make it into a dough. Roll into a pizza shape, then pop in the oven at 200c for 5 minutes on each side, then add your toppings. Talk about simple!

For the toppings, I used the Dominos BBQ sauce as a base, half a big dip covers a pizza well. Don't worry if you don't have a Dominos sauce, any BBQ would work. Then I popped on some mozzarella, I don't like mine too cheesy if I am having other toppings so I didn't add as much as most would. I then topped with left over chicken from the Sunday roast and then the left over of a smoked sausage. You could always add red onion or peppers if you have any, but as I was using up left overs, I didn't bother!

I worked out that this meal for two people costs only £5.67 compared to the £30 I could have spent as Dominos, I think that is great! Particularly as the Dominos dip is £1.69 alone!

I would love to know if you are a fan of fake-aways and if you have any money saving tips whilst eating gluten free!

Hannah x
Aldi had a gluten free week about six months ago and it was superb, there was so many different foods to try so I was quite excited to hear that they were going to do it again for Coeliac awareness week. Unfortunately I felt the range was not as good as last time but I did still pick up a couple of bits.

Here's what I got:

Betty Crocker Devils Food Chocolate Cake Mix - £1.99
These tend to be about £2.50 in stores near me so I thought this would be a good change to try these. James and I love a good chocolate cake, and as he loves the regular Betty crocker mixes, we thought these would be worth a try!

Betty Crocker Brownie mix - £1.99
Again this I thought was a good price for this product so I thought that we could give this one a go too! We love brownie and ice-cream for desserts!

Aldi Gluten Free Oaties - 99p
I don't know if these were new for this week, as I know they stock gluten free pasta all the time but I have yet to see these oats. At such a good price I thought I would give them a  go!

Did your Aldi have different, more interesting bits to mine? I'd love to know!

Hannah x
Tis evening we had to pop to Homebase for some tiles so as we left with 15 minutes to spare until closing time, I thought I would sneak into M&S next door and I was sure glad I did! We found some absolute bargains!

Here's what I got:

M&S Made Without Wheat Cheese and Onion Rolls - £3.00
My M&S is a little slow so this is the first time I've seen them in there, I had to pick them up to give them a go!

M&S Made Without Wheat Puff Pastry Bacon and Cheese Tarts - £3.25
Same with these! I've only just got them in my store! With the summer rolling around, I think these would be great with salad and baby potatoes.

Mixed Sliders - 45p per pack
Normally £4.50 a pack, I got these at 90% discount! There is four lamb and four pork and chorizo mini burgers. I have popped these in the freezer and we can't wait to have them!

Chicken Breast - 50p
As I tend to buy my chicken from Ocado for £4 for 3-5 breasts, I thought this was a great deal for a good quality breast. Perfect for when I am just feeding myself when James is shooting a wedding too! The normal price for this is £2!

We also got a lamb plait for 30p and two cod fillets in batter for 45p for James to eat, as obviously these contain gluten!

Have you ever been to M&S late and got some great deals? I think I am going back more often!

Hannah x

I don't know about you but the chicken balls always used to be one of my firm favourites at the Chinese. Since you don't really find any Chinese takeaways who cater to gluten free in this way, they have been missing from my life ever since and it has meant having a Chinese has never quite been the same!

Tesco have been releasing a lot of new products recently and one of these is the frozen chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce. Being an avid battered coated chicken fan and missing typical chicken balls so much, I knew I had to try these! Retailing at £3.75, I felt these were not too badly priced as the bag was a good size. We ate these as a dinner with Tilda egg fried rice and stir fried veggies. The balls took about half an hour in the oven to get a good crisp to their coating and the sauce only took a couple of minutes in the pan to melt and warm through. The great thing is that if you are eating these alone, there are two sauce sachets so you don't have to try and split the bag for two servings. We ate the whole bag between two and had 6 balls each, which was plenty for dinner.

In terms of the chicken, it was succulent and had a lovely flavour. I was also impressed that it wasn't processed. One of my pet peeves with free from food is when you pay the earth for a product and they cannot put a breast fillet in the coating. As they aren't processed, I feel these chicken balls will appeal to more people because who really wants to eat a chicken that has been pushed and pressed and moulded into the shape of a nugget or dinosaur!

The batter went crispy and had a good flavour too. You would be hard pushed to tell whether they were gluten free or not! It was a good light coating that covered enough to be crisp but not stodgy. I think the sauce was the stand out element of this whole meal though. From the sweet and sour I remember from my takeaway (which they told me isn't gluten free) it tasted the same! I cooked both sachets and not a morsel was left! It had a slightly thinner consistency than what you would usually expect but nevertheless the flavour was on point!

Although it only says gluten and wheat free on the label, there is no sign of dairy or eggs as far as I could see on the packaging. I also couldn't see a warning. Of course I would strongly advise you to check this as recipes can and do change, but as far as I am aware it would be great for a wide array of allergies.

We both really enjoyed this meal and I will certainly be stocking up on these again. I think they would be great if your are having some friends around for a Chinese fakeaway. I'm not sure if they would even be able to tell the difference! As they are frozen, they will also keep for some time so are great for a quick fix dinner!

Hannah x

In the small village of Aylesford of which I have called my home for the last 20 odd years, we have been privileged enough to live near the greatest fish and chip shop I have ever been to. No, we are not a seaside town but we can clearly do chips right! Papa's Barn have been a family favourite since forever, no chip shop truly compares. I had many a dinner with my late Grandad there, so although it isn't the original building, the layout is the practically the same so it brings back so many happy memories every time I go there. I don't think James and I would still be together if he didn't agree that the only place to get fish and chips is Papa's!

When I was told that all my problems were caused by gluten it was hard to say goodbye to their battered cod and chips and the little rolls you get on the side (which one to pick from the basket was truly the most exciting thing for me as a 5 year old!). Thankfully, I had a friend who worked there for a while who told me the grilled chicken and chips should be gluten free, just to eat at my own risk. So, I don't miss out too much but who really wants to be eating grilled chicken, chips and salad when everyone else has fish or battered sausages! Not me!

So when on Good Friday we saw a flyer for a completely gluten free day, we booked a table there and then. My four years without a real Papa's fish and chips was going to come to an end. It has been literally all I have thought about for weeks!

When we arrived we were seated and offered the standard Papa's roll, of which they were all gluten free. I picked what I believe to be the Schar gluten free roll (found in supermarkets freezer aisle) which is one of my favourites. I then took a look at the menu to find it the most extensive gluten free fish and chip shop menu I have seen. Many local places do a day of gluten free fish (although I have never tried them) but at Papa's I could choose from a variety of fish, scampi, sausage (including battered), chicken, steak and so much more. I could even have a gluten free lager if I wished. I have not seen a gluten free day so thought through and as it was their first time, I was mightily impressed.

In the end I opted for cod and chip as I really couldn't have anything else without regretting my decision of missing out on a Papa's battered cod! When it arrived the batter was so crisp and even on the fish, the crunch and flavour was incredible! The cod just fell apart and melted in the mouth and the batter was perfectly cooked with no odd aftertaste or apparent 'gluten freeness'. We ordered mushy peas and a curry sauce as sides and these were both absolutely delicious too! I don't think we have ever had such a quiet meal, barely two words were spoke as I was in gluten free heaven!

James said that he wished they would do it more as he actually preferred the batter, who would have thought! He also said it doesn't hold the oil the way the typical batter does so it gives it a crispier fresher taste. The chips were the typical award wining high standard from Papa's. If you have never tried Papa's chips, it is something I would really recommend you do! There is no way to describe how fluffy they are in the middle yet how crisp they are on the outside. They are by far the best chips around, James and I even considered how close we would be to them when we were house hunting!

As I was a little piggy and ate 99% of my dinner, I couldn't fit in dessert but there was quite a bit to choose from, from brownies and creme brûlée to banana split and sorbets. Every last detail had been thought about. If and when they do it again, I will certainly be leaving room for dessert!

Overall, I left Papas one happy lady and really cannot wait for the next time they a gluten free day! I did notice that there is a little warning on the menu to let you know that everything is gluten free but due to it being a typical gluten kitchen they cannot 100% guarantee this. If you are familiar to Papa's you know their hygiene appears to be second to none, so I had no fear of equipment being contaminated and I would more than happily eat there again and again and again!

Hannah xx
James LOVES fish pie and as my mum is highly allergic to all fish it is something I have never really had, let alone cooked! As he has been asking for me to do one since we moved in, I finally bit the bullet after 6 months and decided to give it a bash!

The recipe that I adapted mine from was actually Claire Witt's, which you can find here. As I am a avid follower of her channel, I knew she had posted a recipe up some time ago. I sort of winged mine measurements wise as I only wanted to make a two portion pie, but it seemed to turn out well!

Here's what I did!

I used:

  • 200g Ocado Frozen Fish Pie Mix
  • 1 Knorr Fish Stock Cube (I made 1/2 pint but only used 1/4)
  • 1 Tablespoon Doves Farm Flour 
  • Milk 
  • Potatoes (I used three small organic ones) 
  • Butter
  • Cheese 

Firstly I peeled and chopped the potatoes and put them onto boil to make the mash.

Then I melted a tablespoon of butter in a pan, added the flour and then whisked in even amounts of milk to stock. Then I set this aside ready to assemble the pie.

I then put 200g of the fish mix in my dish. For this, I use the smallest Heritage rectangular dish from Le Creuset to give you rough sizing and this fits perfectly.

Then I took the sauce and added it to the fish. I mashed the potatoes with butter and milk before putting this on top of the mix. Finally, I added some fork lines and sprinkled some grated cheese on top and put it in the oven for 35 minutes.

I didn't add the veg as claire suggested, as James firstly told me he doesn't tend to have it in a fish pie, and as I never had one I left it out and put it on the side instead! As this is the first time I have had fish pie I thought it was amazing and James said it was one of the best he has had! So thanks Clair for sharing such an easy great recipe!

Let me know if you give it a go and what you think of it, or if you have a recipe for fish you think we would enjoy!

Hannah x

As I have been loving quite a few bits this month, I thought I would do a round up to cover all the products I feel deserve a mention but I don't always blog. For me, March has been a hectic month, it's show season for both businesses and James has either been shooting weddings or completing his final uni project, which means my kitchen has been full of random foods and my living room has been turned into a photography studio. That being said, I have had to cook quick fast meals which can be eaten easily as we have been constantly rushing!

To kick off my favourites, I have been loving the chocolate orange rice cake bars from Aldi. These have been coming to work with me everyday and as they are just under 100 calories a bar, they feel like a naughty treat but really aren't too bad! The rich dark chocolate and zesty orange flavour is something that feels quite luxurious but at under £1 for a pack of 5, they really do not break the bank. 

We have been loving fish this month in the Fletcher-Ireland household, particularly salmon. We love the Ocado fresh salmon fillets and have those with Tilda chilli rice and veg. But in M&S the other day I saw some salmon paupiettes reduced from £7 to £5.40, I just had to try them! Already filled with butternut squash and mascarpone, we had them just with some steamed spinach and they were amazing! I would totally recommend! 

Another great Ocado find that we have been enjoying for the last couple of months are the Mash Direct vegetable crisp bakes. I order once a month from Ocado and pop bits in the freezer, and these were one of the things my freezer was stuffed with! They are quite a dense crisp bake and packed with a wide mix of veg. I find them a quick easy meal which is healthy and tasty. 

Kelkin Jaffa Cakes were the first free from snack that I ever tried. When I saw them in Waitrose I just had to pick them up. I have seen mixed reviews on these jaffa cakes, but I love them. I don't think there is any difference in these and the mainstream ones! 

My last favourite of the month is The Collective Dairy Scottish Raspberry yoghurt. I tend to buy the larger tubs and portion them down and take it to work. I love yoghurts where the flavouring is a separate element as I find where you mix it into the natural yoghurt with a compote, they taste more natural and less artificial and have a better texture.

I would love to know what you've been loving!

Hannah x  

I have another Crumpet recipe today. I walked past a lemon meringue pie in M&S the other day and thought maybe I could use up a couple of nests I had left and make one. But when I got home I was missing a couple of ingredients for the pastry, which led me to raid the the freezer to see if I had another way of making one, and then the crumpets came to mind! So I experimented and this is what I came up with!

This two minute recipe takes seconds and it really hit the lemon meringue spot! 

  • Hawskhead Lemon Curd
  • Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse Crumpet
  • Meringue nest  
Toast the crumpet in a toaster.
Add a tablespoon of Hawskhead lemon curd and spread on top on the crumpet.
Crush the meringue nest and sprinkle on top.

See it's really that simple! It is a great sweet treat! Let me know if you try it and what you think! 

Hannah x 
Warburton's sent me a beautiful hamper at the beginning of last month for their crumpet challenge. Within this were a couple of preserves from the Hawkshead Relish company. The packaging spoke to me instantly as I love anything that looks well presented and is handmade, this really caught my eye.

When I saw that the first jar was a Raspberry and Vanilla Flavoured jam, I thought I was in heaven! I LOVE raspberry jam and I put vanilla flavouring in almost everything as I also love a vanilla flavour, so this is completely for me! I had never thought of this combination together, but it is truly perfection! Whether it is slathered on a crumpet or sandwiching a Victoria sponge, this thick, sweet, sticky preserve has a rich raspberry taste with the creamy sweetness of vanilla.  The quality really speaks for itself, there is no expense spared in the making of this product, the raspberries are fully packed in which makes such a beautiful taste and texture. There is nothing worse than a jam that really has no flavour and looks like barely set jelly when spread on your toast and has never even seen the fruit it is meant to be! I feel that this is better than most of the luxury market leaders I have tried!

The Lemon Curd is just as high quality, with the most creamiest lemony taste I have ever tried. It is somewhat comparable to the Waitrose One range of lemon curd. Although the Waitrose One doesn't have a real jelly texture , the Hawkshead Lemon Curd is a little less jelly like and is slightly more creamy in texture in comparison. The rich flavour goes perfectly on most things, from toast to pancakes and even with soft vanilla ice-cream and meringue, this Lemon Curd's rich decadent flavour is gorgeous!

Have you ever heard of or tried a Hawkshead's preserve? I think I have been converted and I can't wait to find out what else they have in their range!

Hannah x

*These products were sent to me, all opinions are my own 
Today I am sharing one of my favourite quick midweek meals. With my wedding fast approaching and the fact I just can't rein in on all the little extras I wish to have, my budgets will have to be cut somewhere! So food is the first place I have looked.

Midweek, I tend to go for easy meals which tends to make me reach towards 'gluten free' mixes, breaded chicken, battered fish etc. But of course these make the shopping bills mount, even more when they are gluten free. So I have gone back to basics and am doing a bit more from scratch.

My favourite meal that only takes about half hour from fridge to table is my Chicken Tikka Skewers. Only needing 4 ingredients, these have been a big hit!

TO make 6 Skewers, you will need

  • 1 Brown Onion -15p
  • Green Pepper - 30p
  • 2 Chicken Breasts  - £2
  • Tikka Spice mix (check it's GF) - 3p
  • 6 Skewers
Simply roughly cut the green pepper and onion and put to the side ready to add to the skewers. 

For the chicken I simply cut into chunks. Then I only use the seasoning as more of a rub than a marinade as I feel it really doesn't need any more than that. So all I do is put a pile of the spice on a baking tray and one by one, I completely cover and rub each chunk of chicken in the seasoning. I get mine in a bulk tub from Booker, if you are going to cook a lot like this I would recommend it as this tub only cost me £2.50 and it is the same size as a bag of flour. 

Once coated, put the chicken, pepper and onion on the sticks and bake on 190 for 20 minutes. It is really that simple for a dinner that everyone loves. I pair mine with some type of indian style rice and chicken tikka style salad! Simple! 

This whole meal for two costs no more than £2 per head which I think is great!

I would love to know if you have any other quick dinner ideas! 

Hannah x
When I saw that Schar had Pain au Chocolat in my new Morrsions free from aisle, I was so excited! Frozen breakfasts are perfect for me as I cannot usually eat fresh food quick enough before they go off. I also had to give them a go to compare them to the Genius ones. The first thing I noticed was that you receive 4 in a bag for the £3 mark, whereas the Genius ones are about £2.50 for two. I thought if they are just as good they would be fab, as they are a cheaper price tag and are more convenient in their frozen state as I am not sure whether you can freeze Genius and I don't tend to have more than one a week!

Straight out of the bag they are about 1/4 smaller than the Genius ones. This isn't a huge issue to me as I don't tend to like them too big as I eat them with berries and fruit anyway. But of course this is something that is to note if you are ordering them online. At 75p per Pain au Chocolat, they are not too unreasonable as this is the price of a single mainstream one in Tesco, so in terms of value, although they are smaller than mainstream, they are not as overpriced as many free from items.

I loved how much chocolate was in these, it literally oozed out! The quality of the chocolate is great too! It is rich and feels very luxurious in the morning! To cook, simply pop on a baking tray and put in the oven at 200c for 9 minutes. Once out the oven the outside is crisp and flakey, with a good crunch on the top and a fluffy inside. These are perfect for that Sunday morning brunch! I love how evenly they cook and how much they resemble a mainstream party. There is nothing worse than when these products are stodgy in the middle and that just isn't the case with these! They are very enjoyable and even James loved them!

These are certainly a weekend treat though at just over 250 calories per Pain au Chocolat! But paired with berries and banana, they are a perfect treat!

I will definitely be popping into Morrisons for some more!

Hannah x
I recently received some post from Roots Collective. Roots Collective are a company who specialise in creating blends. Not something I can honestly say I have been familiar with before. I have seen many juices and smoothies but never a blend. Each blend is created with whole vegetables and has at least one of your five a day, as well as containing no more than 150 calories.

I was told that these blends can be used in recipes, warmed to have as a soup or just drunk as they are, which I thought was a cool concept for a product. Making it so versatile!

Here are the flavours I received and some ideas I have came up with to trial!

Garden Greens - Cucumber, Peas, Kale & Mint
This blend sounds perfect for drizzling over some quinoa and fresh herb salad.

Sweet Beets - Beetroot, Red Pepper, Honey & Lime
Beetroot and feta go together hand in hand so I  think this would be great mixed into crumbled feta, placed on a chicken breast and wrapped in pancetta and baked.

Asian Sling - Spinach, Coriander, Chilli & Lemongrass
Sounds perfect to throw on top of a prawn stirfry. I think I would heat this up to thicken it down a little more.

Carrot Zing - Carrot, Ginger, Honey & Lime
This one sounds like it would be great warmed up. With some extra diced veggies like celery and onion chucked in, I think this would make a great chunky soup.

Green Warrior - Cucumber, Spinach, Parsley & Chives
When I saw these ingredients baked cod came to mind, on a bed of steamed spinach, braised asparagus and tenderstem broccoli with some of this blend heated and popped on top.

Is a blend something you think you would enjoy?

Hannah x

*These products were gifted to me to try, all opinions and ideas are my own
I'm back with another crumpet recipe today. When I first saw the sundried tomato paste in the hamper  I thought it would go well with some tuna. That led me to think about the tuna melts that I used to love to eat in coffee shops, and so I thought why not try and translate this onto a crumpet, with a sundried tomato twist!

With only four ingredients and minimal cooking and preparing time, its perfect with some mixed leaves for lunch!

You will need:

  • One Warburtons Gluten Free Crumpet
  • 1/2 Tin of Tuna
  • 2 Tablespoon of Sundried Tomato Puree
  • 25g Grated Cheddar
Toast the Crumpet lightly.

Mix the tuna and puree in a bowl. 

Put the crumpet onto a baking tray and place the tuna mixture and grated cheese on top. 

Put in an oven at 180 for 10-15 minutes to allow the cheese to melt thoroughly.  


Let me know if you try this recipe and what you think! 

Hannah x