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Kelkin - Mint Chocolate Rice Cakes

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You may remember back in January when Kelkin were stocked in Lidl at fantastic prices. Unfortunately it was only a limited offer, so I stocked up and brought the longest dates I could find.

Part of this large Haul was the Kelkin Mint Chocolate Rice Cakes. Mint chocolate is one of my favourites but I'm always undecided which season it's best for. At christmas I love mint hot chocolates but mint choc chip ice-cream is amazing in the summer! Which gives me mixed memories when eating something mint and chocolatey!

At 80 calories each these are a great lighter option than reaching for a magnum. The rice cake itself is quite thin, about half the thickness of a typical snack-a-jack and have a very thin layer of minty dark chocolate on the top. There is 6 in a pack and retail and around the £1-£1.40 mark.

I found that there is just the right amount of chocolate layered on the top to make the rice cake not taste dry but not so much to make it hard to bite through. The chocolate had a good snap and combined with the fluffier, drier consistency of the rice worked well together. The other advantage of these rice cakes is that they fulfil my chocolate bar yum yum (to normal people a craving) but they are more filling so you don't eat half as much!

The whole cake tastes just like an after eight in flavour, a real decadent option. Crumble and combine these with some frozen yoghurt and a bit of cream and they make an amazing sundae. I can't believe that these are quite as minty as they are. I imagined they would be much more of a hint of flavour rather than a full on hit of mint, which is what you receive.

Since buying these I have found them hard to get hold of. I do believe they are readily available in Irish Tesco's, but my local one has seemed to stopped stocking them. But if you can get hold of them I would really recommend you try them if you love foods like mint magnum, Starbucks christmas hot chocolate or even mint ice-cream!

Hannah x

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