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Sainsburys to go Gluten Free?? - Urban Eat Egg and Slow Roast Tomato Wrap

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Who knew Sainsbury's now have gluten free options in their plastic sandwich section? (sandwiches wrapped in plastic known to normal people!). There was no song and dance about this range they were coming out with, so I was completely unaware until I went to get some sandwiches for my family and my sister spotted it!

They also have a lemon chicken wrap but they has sold out so I picked up this flavour, I think the fact they also have a vege and meat option opens up audiences to those who are gluten free and vegetarian.

I am not sure if all Sainsbury's stock these products or just mine as they are close to many competitors such as Costa who have a gluten free wrap, but either way I think it's great more places are becoming accommodating to peoples dietary needs.

The wrap is produced by urban eats and it certified by celiac UK, so we know we can trust these products, which is always a relief when you will be typically eating this on the go.

This flavour in particular was very pleasant, the combination of the free range egg mayo and tomatoes complimented each other well and the rocket and spinach made the wrap very light. I found it very enjoyable for lunch with some watermelon and an apple, pear and cranberry juice on the side.

The wrap is very much like the Warburtons seeded wrap, I would say it was the same wrap, however I cannot confirm this but either way it was delicious and I find seeded wraps much more filling!

This wrap is 400 calories which is average for a healthy sandwich. I felt the ingredients have been thought through carefully for calorie content as when there is not many options available you do not want them all to be high calorie, it's bad enough when chips are your only option in a cafe or restaurant!!

Overall I would most definitely purchase this wrap again as it is good for on the go. The flavours were complimentary and the textures had good contrast with the crisp leaves, soft wrap combined with the delicate egg.

Find more about this product on urban eat's website by clicking here

Hannah x

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