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Angelic Gluten Free Rosemary & Sea Salt Savoury Biscuits

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Angelic are a relatively small business from Scotland.  When I met them at the free from show I fell in love with their products, packaging and their concepts. As they are not as large as others they are not yet in supermarkets. They are growing fast but for now you can find your local stockist here!

These Biscuits did not fail me, I love rosemary and makes me feel very wintery/Christmasy (yes I said it!) As I was eating them they made me feel like its finally getting autumnal.

This product is very delicate so take care as you are smothering it in cheese, I did have a little crack develop as I was doing my best plastering impression on my biscuit!

The plain biscuit itself has a powerful aroma of rosemary and the second I opened the pack I could smell it, which made me much more hungry! There is a strong taste of rosemary, but this is not overpowering and the salt gives a little bit of edge and makes this savoury biscuit very pleasant to eat alone.

As I said they are quite delicate but they are not crumbly, they crumble in the mouth as they should but this is because they are a slightly softer consistency to what you would expect from a product of this nature. I assumed it would be much like a cracker and quite dry and snaps but I was wrong! This product does not leave a dry feeling in your mouth so I feel they have got the balance just right.

The box suggested pairing the savoury biscuits with blue cheese, which sounded amazing. But as I work in an office I didn't think it would be acceptable to bring in a huge block of smelly cheese so I opted for blue cheese Laughing Cow, all the flavour but with none of the smell!

I would have never naturally put blue cheese and rosemary together but they married together well and gave the cheese a kick and lifted the flavour. This is for sure the absolute best way to eat them! I think I would have eaten the whole box if I had more cheese, complete lack of will power!

I love these biscuits and I think I am going to try these with tomato soup instead of a roll. I think the rosemary will go great with the tomato. Christmas here I come!

If you haven't heard of Angelic or you would just like to know more they have a great Facebook and Twitter account as well as a website.

Hannah x

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