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Urban Eat - Lemon Chicken Wrap

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On Friday I found the Lemon Chicken Wrap in Sainsbury's after a while hunting. I got back to my office to give it a go.

The wrap consisted of chicken pieces, lemon mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and dill. The ingredients are very similar to the wrap Costa offer for us gluten free lot!

Much like the egg wrap that Urban Eat also produce (which is awesome may I add!) the wrap is a rectangle shape and are identical in texture and taste of the Warburtons gluten free wraps, so if you love them, you'll love the bread of this wrap.

The chicken pieces are of high quality and the salad was crisp, I couldn't really detect the lemon taste but this may just be me and I'll elaborate more in a minute as to why.

The texture of this wrap is very pleasing to eat. The chicken slices are tender and there is a good juxtaposition between this and the crisp lettuce and tomato, this makes the wrap a very filling but light feeling meal.  

There is 400 calories in this wrap, much like the egg wrap I feel Urban Eat have been cautious to give a balanced wrap which is not too calorie laden. It also feels 'safe to eat' as its certified gluten free, so I do feel very safe with Urban Eat gluten free options particularly at work.

My one issue with this wrap which would mean I would not buy it again is the dill. I was so excited at the prospect of more than one option of gluten free sandwich I did not really read the ingredients until I started to eat the wrap. I normally wouldn't use the word hate as it is quite strong, but the only food product I hate is dill, this is completely my fault for not reading but I could not finish the wrap as this flavour overpowered the wrap for me. If you love dill, you must try this wrap, and also if you don't mind the taste of dill I think you'd enjoy this wrap. But for me even a pinch of dill is too much!

So unfortunately I will not buy this again but this is purely down to my personal preference but I feel the texture and other flavours within this wrap are fantastic and I thought I would love it because through the clear window it looked just like the Costa one I love!

Maybe Urban Eat will release another wrap in similar vain just without the dill, If they do I know I will love it, it is just unfortunate I have such a strong opinion on dill!

Despite this I would 100% still recommend this wrap because firstly my personal preference on flavours should not unfairly judge the other flavours, the quality and  the texture of this wrap as it is second to none. For those who like dill this is a brilliant option for lunch! (and after asking around everyone else seems to like it other than me!)

I will just stick to their egg and tomato wrap for now!

If you want to find out more about this wrap they have a whole product page here

Hannah x

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