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Udis Gluten Free Brownie mix

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Today I decided to bake one of the packet mixes I have stored and these brownies spoke to me so this is what I chose.

The mix only requires two eggs and 1/3 cup of melted butter. It also had the option to add nuts, but as I don't like nuts in brownies I skipped this step. 

Today I made a little video to show the process so you can view this below:

Once baked I put the tin on the side to cool for around an hour, then I placed it into the fridge to cool completely. Although I followed the cooking time which was 25-30 minutes I believe it would need a little longer the next time as my middle cuts of brownie are very sticky, very tasty but very sticky!

This brownie is by far my favourite brownie I have tried, it had a good crispy top yet a nice gooey centre which is the perfect consistency for a brownie. My whole family loved it too and agreed that they would not know it was gluten free unless I told them!

There are chocolate chips in this recipe as you can see on the cut piece and the texture is thick but not too stodgy, I believe this is down to the aeration in this mix, it makes the rich mixture much more manageable as it is not just one large piece of chocolatey gooey dough!

If you see these in your shop I would recommend picking them up as they are super easy to make, so tasty and suitable for everyone as my whole family who are not gluten free loved it which means if you want to bake a dessert this is the perfect choice as everyone can join in! 

Let me know how your baking goes if you give them a try!

Hannah x    

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