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Mrs Crimble's Original Cheese Crackers

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I've really been in a cheese and cracker kick for lunch recently. It's quick and easy to eat at work and fills me up nicely until dinner. I tend to have two or three types of cheese with some fruit.

Today I have gone back to a firm favourite of mine that I have never actually spoke about. These are the Mrs Crimble's Original Cheese Crackers. These crackers are much more like actual crackers than the savoury biscuits I've been having so I got them out to make a change before I delve into more of my Angelic savoury biscuits.

Much like all savoury biscuits and crackers that are gluten free, these crackers are relatively fragile and I always have a couple which have broke in half in the box, this does not bother me but just be careful when putting your cheese on or they will break!

The texture to these crackers is what you would expect from it's mainstream counterpart. They have a good snap and crunch to them. They are a dry cracker much like a cream cracker if you have ever eaten one! I find these very pleasant and the perfect delivery system to get the cheese into my tummy!

The taste of these crackers as you would expect were slightly cheesy in taste but most importantly they do not have that gluten free aftertaste which these types of products can be susceptible to as replacing wheat flour with other flours in products that aren't greatly flavoured can lead to an odd taste.

I feel that these crackers taste and textures are comparable to the mainstream versions and so much so the people I tested them on couldn't tell that they were gluten free!

A pack of these crackers retail for £1.60 from all the big supermarkets. These are great value for money and easily accessible to everyone. They are only 79 calories for 4, what could be better than that!

I would strongly recommend to have a pack of these in the cupboard ready for when you fancy them or get invited to dinner where you know cheese and crackers will be served as they have over a year on their best before date and they are foiled sealed giving extra freshness.

Hannah x

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