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Tesco Finest Free From Oat and Raisin Cookies

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Tesco finest has finally joined the gluten free game! This is a prospect I am very pleased about as I find many of the products in the gluten free market are aimed at children. This is not a huge issue to me as I quite like reliving my childhood, but bringing round a pile of animal shapes biscuits to other people's houses can raise a few eyebrows!

When I saw these on my local Tesco shelves I grabbed them as quick as I could, I was so excited I had to eat one in the car. This product certainly did not let me down it was just as well as otherwise my poor boyfriend driving would have had to put up with my disappointment speech all the way home!

There is no doubt these are the perfect consistancy oat cookies to me, as they are smoothly buttery, have a good chew and there are not too many raisins, as I do not like when raisins have a habit of taking over.

These cookies have a great chew to them and the oats have been nicely cut with no husk creeping in, which is a pet peeve of mine and puts me completely off any oat product. The raisins too are also soft which is perfect as a tougher raisin would have made an imbalance to the texture.

As for taste these cookies are quite buttery and subtle in taste, however this does make them very moreish so I have no make sure I limit myself.

James who is not gluten free tried one too and told me he couldn't tell the difference! So what is better praise than that!

A box retails for £2 and contains around 8 cookies, these cookies are the size of a typical biscuit so I think the value for money is great, particularly as this product is marketed in the finest range. I found these quite easily in my Tesco so with any luck they should be easy to find. If you do not have a Tesco store near you I would 100% recommend trying shopping online as not only it will give you access to the store but I find so many things that I never find in store.

Hannah x

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