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Gluten Free Fish and Chips?!?!?!

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Around my local area I have seen more and more fish and chip shops having gluten free days. This is a vey scary prospect but yesterday I finally went to one of the chippy's to see what it was all about!

I am not going to lie I was verging on petrified whilst eating my dinner as it looked just like a regular battered piece of cod, granted the batter was slightly thiner and cruncher but still so similar it looked like the real thing. I found the batter tasted as I remember from a chip shop and it was lovely to be able to eat something and feel normal by joining in. I also had no issues after eating the meal which was great.

Although none of the fish and chip shops near me are on this list (possibly because they aren't part of the federation) I have found a list of a few gluten free chip shops here:

I would really recommend looking out for gluten free fish and chip shops, if I have three near me you must be able to find one too!

Hannah x

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