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Angelic Gluten Free- Double Chocolate Cookies

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Everyone needs a chocolatey hit, particularly on a Friday! So today nobody has to miss out as Angelic's double chocolate cookies do not contain dairy, gluten or egg meaning we can all have one together (if we had a giant box that is).

These cookies are less that 75 calories per cookie and a box contains 8, which I feel is a generous number. Comparing these cookies to a size everyone could relate to I would say they are the same roundness as a can of drink, so they are a fair size. The box retails for £3.25 on amazon meaning these cookies are around 40p each which is good value for a sweet treat that tastes great. 

The texture of this cookie is as you would expect, a slight crunch as you bite but a slight softness to the centre with a hit of extra chocolate every now and then when you bite into a chocolate chip. Although I would consider this a quite a dry recipe there is no dry crumbliness to this biscuit that can be quite common in gluten free products. The only downside to this is that I can't insist on eating all the broken ones as I've never had a crumbly one!

The flavour of this cookie is what I deem as a cocoa flavour rather than a chocolate flavour as it is much richer and not as sweet as a milk chocolate style cookie. I really enjoyed this as I love a really rich bitter chocolate this is very much on the same lines so is right up my street!

I would recommend these cookies to those who enjoy a more bitter type of chocolate or chocolate biscuit or cookie as these are perfectly rich in chocolate without being too sweet, or too bitter for that matter. 

If you would like to know more about Angelic as they can not be found in mainstream supermarkets as of yet, click here.

I would love to know if you have tried Angelic's range and what you thought!

Hannah x 


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