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Sunday Staples - Genuis White Sliced Bread

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This week when substituted my typical wholemeal genius bread for the white variety, it suddenly dawned on me I talk about so many cakes and biscuits that I try but I don't talk much about the bread and staples I use on an almost daily basis.

Out of all the breads I've tried I have to say Genius is my favourite, I find it's the most true to taste bread and is not ridiculously dry!

I have heard people having issues with finding holes so large in this bread that it is no longer useable, I have brought over 100 loaves and I can agree I have found some with holes but never so large it is unusable so I think it must be unlucky to find a loaf in that state.

This bread is the size of a mainstream loaf whereas a typical gluten free loaf is smaller. This size is very convenient for sandwiches and toasties, as tiny toasties are never good! Each slice of bread is 99 calories and high fibre. The Genius loaves retail at around £3 each which isn't bad as it is an average price for a gluten free loaf unfortunately, but on the bright side I have received some coupons from time to time!

This bread has a bouncy soft texture and toasts to a crisp finish. This bread toasts well and takes roughly 5 minutes to toast to how I like it.

Genius have got their bread to taste almost identical to a mainstream loaf, granted this white loaf in particular is soft but isn't as soft as a mainstream would be, but I feel that's to be expected but the flour blend they have created tastes very accurate and has not got an unpleasant aftertaste.

I have found a vary comparable seeded loaf from the Tesco own brand free from range but not I've  ventured away from my genius loaf for a very long time for my wholemeal and white bread! That in itself shows how good this bread is!

Hannah x

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