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Amy's Kitchen Broccoli and Cheddar Bake

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Life has been rather busy of late and I like to eat as clean as possible, contrary to what it may seem with all my cake and biscuit reviews, but a little in moderation never hurt anyone, well that's what I like to  tell myself!

I always opt for an Amy's Kitchen ready meal as they do not have preservatives and are all natural. They are very quick and convenient in the microwave, but I actually had more time today as my family were eating gluten filled lasagne so I baked my meal in the oven, which makes them a million times better!

I haven't picked up this bake in particular before as I have a bit of a love hate relationship with broccoli, I can't stand it as a vegetable on its own but I love it within recipes such as soup. So I had overlooked this a little but I finally picked one up and I'm pretty glad I did!

This broccoli and cheddar bake consists of a cheesy pasta, very much like the mac and cheese they produce, within this is a good amount of broccoli and a breadcrumb topping.

Firstly I have to highlight how impressed I was with the amount of broccoli, there was huge pieces of florets within the bake, which surpassed my expectations as many ready meals, particularly mainstream ones claim to be a chicken and pasta bake for example and you don't always get that much chicken, so I think Amy's Kitchen have got the balance perfect.

The textures within this bake worked so well together. The cheesy sauce is thick and smooth which blended with the pasta and broccoli which is soft and tender, this then contrasts against the crispy breadcrumb topping.

The flavours within this bake worked very well together as you would assume. As I love broccoli and stilton soup, it was safe to assume cheddar and broccoli would also be a paring in heaven. The sauce does not over power the broccoli and all flavours within the dish were well balanced with no flavour shadowing another one.

Overall I really enjoyed this bake and would add it to my favourite list along side the thai curry, mac and cheese and lasagne!

I would always recommend Amy's Kitchen to anyone gluten free or not as I've not found a bad one yet!

Hannah x

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