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Gluten free Deals I've found this week!

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As an avid Couponer, I just wanted to give you all a quick heads up on the latest gluten free deals that are about this week!

Lets first look at what I got that everyone should be able to access!

Nakd Bars
You may have seen there is a coupon around for free nakd bars, I only picked up one but in Sainsbury's they are 5 for 4 so you could get a great deal on these. You receive one coupon per email address so as long as you have a few emails you can get as many as you'll like! But as I have TONS of food to get through I only went for one.

Warburtons Thins
These are £2 in Sainsbury's currently so thats a 50p saving but if you still have some coupons from the free from show floating about you are able to get these for £1.50. I've popped mine in the freezer.

Genius cupcakes
On Topcashback currently you are able to get 30p cash back on Genuis cupcakes at Sainsbury's they are currently £1 and if you have a 50p coupon from the free from show that is a mear £1.20 for two cupcakes! That is the best deal of the week I think. Unfortunately I cannot get hold of the lemon cupcakes and I'm getting bored of the chocolate ones as I have to be in the mood for chocolate, so I used my genius coupon on bread!

I then got some other deals by using some price promise's and other store discounts

Warburtons Wraps
I found some of these reduced to £1.49 in Waitrose and picked them up as they were on their best before date (I freeze these anyway). When I got to the till I remembered I still had some 50p off coupons for Warburtons that I was given at the free from show, so I asked the cashier if I could use coupons on reduced items and she said I could so I got the new 4 pack of wraps for 99p!

Ds gluten free Yorkshire puddings
I brought these the same day as the nakd bar, I needed them for my Sunday roast and where I had a £1.74 price promise which was expiring I got my Yorkshire puddings for 21p! Where I use coupons a lot the price promises typically are from items I've used with coupons so I haven't actually paid full price!

I also picked up some Natures Path cereal for £3 retail cost but had a £1 coupon and a Genius loaf for £2.90 retail cost and had a 50p coupon for that too. These are not great deals for these in terms of couponing but I needed them!

Hannah x

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