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Amy's Kitchen Mac and Cheese

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As the new school term has started, I've started to get quite busy, although I neither go to school or responsible for somebody who goes to school, I do work for a youth group that runs in term time as well as a drama group among other things!

Managing so many evening tasks and paperwork that this creates. I sometimes have to rush food before going out. This is where Amy's Kitchen steps in.

I would say although these are great to microwave as a quick fix, these are a million times better if you actually bake them. However this does take about an hour, but it gives a nice crispy top to this dish in particular. So I do this when I have the time or my family are eating something I can't.

Amy's Kitchen is an all natural ready meal, so no need to worry about any nasty chemicals inside which is something that concerns me most about ready packed meals as you have no control of preservatives.

The mac and cheese is 400 calories a portion which I found very surprising for a cheese laden product, particularly considering it also contains pasta! Although it is quite light in calories for a meal of this nature it is incredibly filling and satisfies me for the whole evening.

The cheese sauce has a smooth cheesy flavour, but is not overpowering, the macaroni pieces are quite small but there are a lot of them so perfect to eat with a fork or spoon, without a knife.

The ready meal pictured today followed the microwave instructions, I just added some uncooked pepper and some lightly dry fried red onion and courgette. I do normally eat this meals as it is but I wanted some veg, so I added a bit of a side. The red onion added a good twist to the dish and I think I will most certainly add this next time I cook this meal as I love cheese and onion flavour.

I believe they have also now released a mac and cheese which is also dairy free under the name of mac and cheeze, but I have yet to see these in the shops, but online they are easy to find, so if you're also dairy intolerant there is an option for you out there.

I love all the Amy Kitchen range that I have tried so far so I will be doing a review in the near future, the thai curry is the best thai curry I've ever had so keep your eyes open for that in shops!

Hannah x

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