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Foodie Friday - BFree Fajita Pack!

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This friday features the fajitas I made last week, unfortunately I had planned to get pictures of cooking, all the ingredients and the spread I had laid out. Unfortunately things didn't pan out and I had to rush some pictures. Sorry!

I brought this pack whilst at the free from show and I couldn't wait to cook them myself after I had tried their samples. The pack contains six wraps, a seasoning packet and salsa (which I didn't use as I had some fresh to use up). The pack recommended to use 400g of chicken and some onion. I also added pepper and had some dips and iceberg lettuce and tortilla chips on the side!

The thing I love the most about the seasoning is that it is not spicy, I do not cope with spice well and I find many fajita kits replace the flavour with spice. This kit is subtle and doesn't over power the other aspects of the dish. There is a perfect amount to lightly coat the chicken and other veggies I put in the pan.

The wraps are the main reason I brought the kit because 6 wraps included in a £4 kit is an amazing value if you think the Warburtons wraps are £2.50- £3 for 3 wraps in most places.

The BFree wraps are round and I believe from their texture I would say they are made using corn and rice flour. I put these in the microwave to warm them and they were a great thin wrap, not as fluffy as a regular wrap but because they are so thin and more dense they worked well as it gave a good balance to the dish!

However I did notice that my wraps did become harder as they cooled.  I am not sure if that is because I microwaved them or if it was due to being taken out of their vacuum pack. However this was not an issue as we were eating them all in the same night, but its good to note if your only wishing to use a couple.

If anyone can get hold of these kits I would most certainly tell you to give them a go. I have yet to find them local to me but I haven't checked ASDA yet so there is still hope!

Hannah x

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