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Breakfast has got chocolatey! - Genius Pains au Chocolat!

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I have eaten these a few times before but now I've mastered the best cooking process to make these the gooey chocolatey mess I want them to be so I am now happy to share a review!

You are all aware of my love of Genius so it shouldn't be a surprise to you that this product is also a hit!

The trick to these though is you MUST heat them up, without cooking they are slightly drier than I would like, I also wouldn't recommend the oven to cook them, as I feel that this does dry them out unnecessarily.

I put mine in my microwave for 40 seconds (which is a quite high power one). Be aware it does come out sizzling and very very hot but it prevents dryness and is perfectly gooey, the texture of the pastry is most definitely the best when cooked this way.

My next step many of you may cringe about. The pastry gets too hot to eat so I cut it into 8 pieces! Once lengthways and then four times across. This way the pastry cools a little but the chocolate doesn't get too hard again.

I then eat all the little cut pieces, much like the way you would serve food to a child! But besides the fact I serve my food like I would to an infant, these Pain Au Chocolat's are great. The chocolate is of a good quality.

These products are gluten and wheat free but they do contain egg. At 388 calories each I think these make a lovely decadent breakfast treat!

A pack of two Pains Au Chocolat will cost you £2 so that is £1 a breakfast, which I think is good value for a gluten free pastry product.

I have brought these in most supermarkets so everyone can get their hands on them!

Hannah x

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