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Snackly open Box - May 2015

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The most wonderful time of the month is when my lovely post lady bounds into my office saying it's snack day! (Yes she really does do that!)

I have to say opening this box and seeing the contents has made me reject my comment of a couple of months back being the best box ever, because this box knocks the socks off that one!

Another beautiful postcard has been designed in this box with a nice write up on the back, I do really love this new aspect of the box. 

So what did I get?

Another Honeybuns product this month! I have tried this product only last week when I won a box of goodies. A review is written and will be up soon. Let me just say I wouldn't say no to another! The lemon sponge combined with the ginger shortbread makes a flavour I really enjoy. All Honeybuns products are unique and super tasty and I would say that out of all the brands I have tried, this is the only one where all have been a hit! 

If you are interested in trying Honeybuns, they have a Tinker Tuesday giveaway every week, and this week they will also be giving away one of my HannahMade silver plated bird set with their amazing cookies! Don't forget to take a look! 

I finally got some crisps in my box! I missed out on one months box which had some Kent crisps in and I was hoping more crisps may be featured soon! So now there is some in my box, I couldn't be happier as it is my favourite snack! I have never tried Darling Spuds before, but I do appreciate a good salted crisps. So I am excited to see what these are like!

We had one of these in a box a while back. This product is gluten and dairy free so is a good treat for most people. I took this to eat out before and being the bad blogger I am, I didn't take any photos and I can't actually remember how it tasted as it was around Christmas where I ate the house! I am very happy to have another to try and review it properly!

What's a snackly box without a bit of chocolate! Cranberries and orange is one of my favourite juice combinations so I think this chocolate will be right up my street. Particularly as dark chocolate is my favourite variety. This product is vegan and contains no nuts!

Another Fudge this month. This time from Fudge Kitchen. Coincidentally I have been eating raspberries like they are going out of fashion this week, so a raspberry flavoured sweet treat should be perfect on Friday. Fudge is one of my boyfriends guilty pleasures, so I may try it with him and do a double review!   

Unfortunately one of my little bites got cracked in the post but it'll still taste the same! These dairy and gluten free gingerbread bites look perfect for a cup of coffee. I'm just hoping they are not too ginger spicy as I am a bit of a wimp!

I hope you all enjoy your Snackly box this month too!

Hannah x 

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