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Coeliac Awareness Week - Things I'm always Asked!

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To celebrate coeliac awareness week I thought I would do a few different posts this week.  Second one for this week is things I'm always asked about gluten intollarences, or 'gluten belly' as my boyfriend calls it!

(Just because a blog post isn't complete without a picture!)

Are you sure you can't eat it?
Yes I'm sure, even if it is baked with love, if there is wheat I can't eat!

A little bit won't hurt surely?
Yes a little bit will hurt... a lot!

What about a cheat day?
I don't need any more tempting, I miss warm doughnuts, french stick and garlic bread enough without you reminding me!

You basically can't eat anything!
Well I can eat, just not everything you can, and to answer the question I get asked the most, fruit, veg and unprocessed meat are gluten free!

Doesn't everything gluten free taste rubbish?
Well no. Yes I have eaten some shocking things in my time when I had to switch to a free from diet but some gluten free brands are so amazing at producing quality free from products. Hence why I started this blog so I could share my findings, good or bad with everyone.

What is it like/what happens when you are 'glutened'?
If I told you, you would wish you'd never asked!

Isn't having home cooked family meals hard?
This is one thing that hasn't been a huge issue as it is quite easy to make things gluten free. Although now my sister is a veggie, things can get interesting!

Eating out must be a nightmare!
In short, yes, but there are many gluten free menu's from places such as La Tasca, Frankie and Benny's  and GBK so I tend to target 'safe' places and people do understand.

Do you miss gluten?
If you mean do I miss the effects it has on me, then no, but if you mean do you want to sink in that huge plate of pasta on the buffet table... then yes!

You must be so miserable!
No, being gluten free in a funny way has made me much more social. I discuss it with people I meet who ask about things I do, also I connect with people online who are also gluten free. It's exciting when finding fantastic free from food and sharing this on my blog is something that makes me so happy. When I hear people that have benefited or tried something new because I found a gem I feel I have made someone's life a bit tastier! Particularly when they tell me they are new to free from food and have no idea where to start.

I would love to know some questions/statements you face all the time!

Hannah x

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