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Honeybuns - Amondi Cookie

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Always say - "Amondi Please" when ordering your coffee. So I did, with my Amondi in my bag I trotted down to costa to get my decaf americano. I used to be latte girl but with my new cake and coffee habit, I have to cut the calories somewhere!

This rather large cookie has a crispy outside and a softer middle, similar to american style cookies. Made up of both hazelnut and almond, this sweet cookie is perfect dunked in a coffee. There is no gluten or dairy ingredients so is fantastic for dairy suffers too, but does contain eggs.

The ingredients are very simple and consists of: hazelnuts, sugar, free range eggs, hazelnuts, orange zest, orange oil and icing sugar. Good simple ingredients and fully understandable. You may have also noticed the free range eggs! Always pleases me to see this, considering I have a number of pets, I do care a lot about our furry, fluffy and feathered friends!

The biscuit itself is another very unique free from product as it reminds me of something you would see in a typical bakery or even in a supermarkets finest brand. Any product that makes me feel like I have a 'normal' diet I really enjoy.

The grainier texture absorbed the coffee well and honestly was the best coffee treat I have had in ages. Suspended in the cookie was orange peel which gave an interesting zesty twist to a typical sweet ammaretti style biscuit. Who knew coffee and orange went together so well! The bitter coffee juxtaposed the sweet zesty and nutty flavours creating a beautiful complex flavour. The icing glaze and almond on the cookie was also a nice touch.

Retailing at £1.50 per cookie I find that this is very reasonable as this is typically what you could pay in a coffee shop for a mainstream version. However this is not bulked with dietary restrictive wheat flour which makes the other brands versions cheaper to manufacture, as  I have found nuts and nut flours are considerably more expensive.

I can see why this is another award winning product for Honeybuns. Holding a great taste gold award '07  proudly on its packaging. I thoroughly enjoyed this cookie and is nice to see a free from cookie that is not a chocolate flavour. Don't get me wrong I LOVE chocolate but it does make a nice change when I am not in a chocolate mood!

 If you are interested in seeing the Honeybuns range, Click here.

Hannah x

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