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What is in my Snackly box? - April 2015

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This month is the box of reappearing products. All our favourites are making a second appearance, and for those who are new to the box it gives you a chance to try them!

When I first opened this box I was not as excited as last month as I saw everything was bar shaped and I do like picky snacks, but once I read what the products were that all changed! 

I also really like the new printed card that came in the Snackly box, I hope this will lead to RRP and product descriptions on them in the future!

So what was in my box?

Chika's Plantain Crisps RRP - £1.45
As I said before when I saw these in my box banana chips are one of my favourite snacks but I've never thought about trying plantain even though it is in the same family. These chips are also quite a bit healthier as they are not coated in sugar, it only has sunflower oil and salt so is much more clean. The whole bag contains 178 calories and feels much more than what you can eat for the same calories of banana chips. I have yet to eat the other chips as I bought a bulk of banana chips before receiving them and I have them in my snack box waiting for when I used up my banana chips or a holiday/weekend away as they are sealed! 

We received the orange variety at Christmas and now coconut as the weather has got hot! I am a very seasonal eater, I love different flavours certain times of the year so this caters to summer loves, along with berries and vanilla ice-cream. I even may have it with that combination and grate it over a bowl of eton mess! 

Cobbs Bakery Gluten free Luxury Beligain Chocolate Brownie - RRP ?
As in my last post that included this product I  cannot find the price for this. In the last post I said that I  am not sure how I feel about this product as as I opened the box I thought 'oh another brownie' as I see brownies everywhere. But I have to say although it is a brownie and brownies are a very common product. This is a very very good brownie and I will happily eat another... It would be rude not to! ;)

This 'bite' bar contains two of my favourite ingredients, Almonds and Cranberries. This bar is a perfect size for me as I don't like too much in one go so I know this is perfect to have as an afternoon treat snack. I have looked on their website and this has won a great taste award 2010! I am hoping that this will be delicious as many items on their site look amazing and could be great for reviewing and they are a little bit different to supermarket cakes! They even have mixes. 

I am not sure if these are meant to be little pieces or if mine have broken! I love cheese and soups, which is what I tend to eat these type of crackers with so I will be trying these with them and see what I think! At only 66 calories a pack this keeps well within the healthy lifestyle we all long for! 

At 98 calories, this is one of the most interesting things I have seen in a while. I have read the ingredients and it only contains mango and sugar. I am assuming the 'sour' will be unsweetend mango pieces. I enjoy regular dried mango so I will have to see how these compare!

I hope you all got some lovely treats in your Snackly box!

Hannah x 

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