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DIY - Gluten Free Christmas Hamper

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When buying Christmas presents for those who have dietary requirements, don't be afraid and feel you cannot buy them food as that selection box has the dreaded wafer chocolate or that nutty bar. Become creative!

Although I do not have any close friends that are gluten free, I know many people do and if I were to create a hamper for myself this is what I would love to unwrap Christmas day!

All my items are gluten free, but I cannot recommend this selection for any other diets as I have catered to the needs of those who are gluten intolerant, there is definitely dairy and other allergens in this hamper. But the great thing about DIY is you can find an equivalent that will suit your recipients needs.

My Hamper

I brought my basket from my floristry wholesaler for £2.50, floristry baskets are great to use as hampers because they are lined so if anything may leak it will not affect the basket. I know you have to be in the industry to access florist wholesalers but I'm sure you can find baskets in most places, I've know people to find some beautiful ones in charity shops.  This one spoke to me as it has Christmas ribbon around it.

What's in My Hamper 

Tesco Finest Free From White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies
- All the biscuits in this range are fantastic, I also like how the packaging looks more grown up and sophisticated than most free from food. All the varieties wrapped together would make a great gift on their own!

Hotel Chocolat Reindeer Lollies - Don't be afraid to buy food that's not from the free from section, as you wouldn't believe the amount of products you can actually find that are ok for gluten intolerance's. These are just milk and white chocolate in the cutest shapes!

Dairy Milk Vanilla Mouse Snowman - Because the Reindeer was clearly not enough!

Nakd Bars - These are a great option for those that enjoy a healthy lifestyle as they are all natural but taste like a sweet treat. You could also use eat natural bars as they are another great option for something healthier.

Angelic Sweet Chilli Savoury Biscuits - Ok so these are not actually in the picture but that's because I have not got any at the moment! But these are my favourite flavour to have around Christmas, they go great with brie and many other Christmas cheeses.

Mrs Crimbles Jam Coconut Rings - I like to look at these as a more healthy cake option as they are more nutritional due to the coconut but they taste so good and remind me of a coconut jammy dodger!

Helens Cupcake Mix - This gives your recipient something to do after christmas, I included christmas cases which were only £1 in Ikea.

Don't be afraid to look around the shops and find naturally gluten free products to throw in! Many crisps and nuts are also great as fillers.

Would you ever make a hamper for a friend or would you rather buy something pre-made?

Hannah x

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