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Kent & Fraser - Spicy Ginger Cookies

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Snackly provide some fantastic food to sample, and this month I received a snack pack of Kent & Fraser spicy ginger cookies. When we got our Costa coffee takeaway I got these out to have with my latte in the office.

These biscuits are sold at Ocado where a full box retails for £2.99. I tend to find them in farm shops and garden centres too, where you can also find these smaller packets in their coffee shop and can retail anywhere from 60p up to almost £2 a pack.

They are free from gluten, wheat, eggs, and soya\soybeans so are suitable for most allergens!

Typical Values Per 100g:

  • Energy -  475 kCal - 1989 KJ
  • Protein 3.1 g
  • Carbohydrate 72.1 g - sugars 35.6 g
  • Fat, total20.1 g - saturated11.9 g
  • Fibre 2.0 g
  • Sodium 0.5 g - as salt 1.2 g

I found these biscuits have a good snap and had a dry crunchy feel. There were tiny pieces of crystallised ginger incorporated throughout the biscuit which gave a soft chew every now and then through the crunchiness which added some interest to the texture. 

The flavour was not too spicy and just had a subtle gingery kick. In my opinion there is nothing worse than your eyes watering and having a choked up throat over some ginger! I found that the biscuit was leaning more towards the savoury side. Of course the actual biscuit was quite sugary and sweet with the crystallised ginger but with the more bitter ginger seasoning, this levelled it out and made a well balanced flavour which wasn't overly sickly sweet. 

I would most definitely buy these in a full size box as they remind me of the Lazy Day chocolate gingers, just without the dark chocolate coating, so are perfect for when I am not in a chocolate mood! I think these would be fantastic to make a ginger snap sundae with, just break them up a bit and mix into ice-cream with squirty cream on top and some flaked dark chocolate!

Hannah x 

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