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La Tasca - Gluten Free Menu

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La Tasca... Now I have found you I don't want to let you go! Never have I been to a place that has such a wide range of gluten free choices, which are all super delicious!

Yesterday I ventured into La Tasca for the first time and I was not let down. As you all know I much prefer snacking buffet style meals which have a little bit of everything to nibble, so tapas is my idea of heaven.

I will have to apologise in advance as I know what I ate and I can describe them like they do on the menu, but there was no way I was able to pronounce the names, let alone remember them!

To start we had the cheese and sun-dried tomato 'nibbles' the cheese was quite strong but the flavours were very complimentary. This was then followed with the gluten free bread and oils, this bread was an item I found scary as it tasted just like the real thing, with its crispy warm outer and soft fluffy middle! I would 100% recommend the bread, I think it's one of the highlights of their menu!

Moving onto the mains, there was a couple of non gluten free options on the table but on the whole we had a fully gluten free meal. Gluten free wise, we ordered:

  • Chorizo 
  • Chicken and chorizo in a cream and white wine sauce
  • Mixed salad
  • Mushrooms
  • Mixed fried veggies
  • Creamy potatoes
  • Almond chicken
  • Tomato and goats cheese
  • An egg based dish which was very much like an omelette. 
I feel the dishes that really stood out to me was the chicken and chorizo in sauce, the mushrooms, these were absolutely amazing and I think I ate most of the dish! I also loved the goats cheese that was on the tomato and of course chorizo is always fantastic. 

We didn't reach as far as dessert but there was also a good amount of gluten free options too so I will have to try these! I will definitely be going again because not only were the meals gluten free it felt like a much healthier option with the amount of vegetable dishes available which I really enjoyed.  

For the quality of food, price per head averaged at around £20 each and that also included drinks, I found this very reasonable for the amount of food you receive, I must say when I saw all the little dishes coming out and all the hungry people at the table I thought this surely couldn't fill us up, but by the end we had stuffed our little faces and there was a little left over, but not too much so the recommend three dishes per person works out about right! 

Have you ever been to La Tasca and which dish is your favourite?

Hannah x

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